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Bakewell sales programme

(except certain Bank Holidays and Bakewell Show) 

    Typical entry
09.30am OTM and Barren Cows 100 to 200
10.00am Prime Lambs followed by Ewes 1,500 to 3,000
250 to 750
11.00am Store Cattle
Feeding bulls followed by
Breeding cattle concluding
with Steers and Heifers
200 to 400
12 noon Finished Cattle
Young Bulls followed by
prime Steers and Heifers
50 to100
100 to150
12 noon Calves 50 to 100

Auctioneers at Bakewell

Monday Sales

Barren & OTM Cattle  Oliver Hiles
Store Cattle Alastair Sneddon
Finished Cattle Oliver Hiles
Calves Ivor Lowe
Finished Sheep& Lambs Peter Oven
Cull Ewes Mark Elliott

Catalogued Sales

Store and Breeding Cattle Alastair Sneddon and
Oliver Hiles
Store and Breeding Sheep Alastair Sneddon
Breeding Rams & Pedigree Texels  Peter Oven

Auctioneers Contact Numbers

Alastair Sneddon 07973 982441 01629 812777
Ivor Lowe 07977 449126 01335 342201
Mark Elliott 07973 673092 01889 562811
Oliver Hiles 07801 530899 01629 812777
Peter Oven 07973 982443 01629 812777



The opening of the new market allowed Bagshaws to mix the traditional and the modern putting over 130 years of experience in livestock auctioneering into operation in a superb up to date premises.

In 2010 after 10 years in the new market the results speak for themselves. 2009 turned out to be another very successful year with almost 200,000 sheep and nearly 40,000 cattle and calves sold through Bakewell Market.

We believe that the live auction provides a transparent and competitive system for the sale and purchase of livestock for the benefit of vendors we pay out on the day for all categories of stock. Market reports and catalogues are available elsewhere on this website.

We strive to attract good numbers of animals particularly to our special sales with entries approaching 1000 cattle and 10,000 sheep at major fixtures. This we believe produces a “critical mass” to the benefit of both vendors and purchasers making it worthwhile for buyers to travel considerable distances simply because of the number and quality of stock on offer.

Whether you are a regular at Bakewell or someone not known to us who wishes to attend the market please do not hesitate to contact any of the auctioneers by telephone. We are more than happy to inspect your stock on farm prior to marketing.


The facilities at Bakewell are second to none with cattle and sheep penning and sale rings all under one roof together with offices, cafes and conference facilities and even a drop-in medical clinic for farmers.

Those unfamiliar with the layout of Bakewell should be aware that the town centre is only a short walk from the market.

The livestock handling facilities are particularly noteworthy with extensive unloading bays, sorting and numbering races.

Lorry parking is extensive with a well equipped lorry wash and wheel disinfecting tank at the exit to the market.

The sale rings are designed to exhibit stock to best advantage and provide easy access for vendors and purchasers.

The main ring has a spiral staircase for access to the rostrum and a viewing gallery overlooking the cattle penning area.

There is also wheelchair access and a lift to the seating areas.

Both main sales rings feature electronic displays of information and are linked to the office computer system.