Dairy & pedigree sales

Cattle sales take place at both of our markets sites but we also offer dairy dispersal and monthly pedigree sales at Leek too.

Dairy dispersals -

Husband and wife team Mark and Meg Elliott are well known for their uniquely 'hands on” approach both in markets and especially at on-site farm sales.  Rostrum duties are shared but with their team, they also undertake all of the necessary sale preparations including cataloguing, building of the sale ring, all paperwork and the numbering and penning of cattle. This very practical approach ensures as far as possible the smooth running of the sale, and hopefully in turn, minimises the pressure for the client on a day which is often quite emotional.

Aside from their commitment to provide a great service, the biggest advantage they have over their competitors is access to two major markets which can accommodate herd dispersal sales when an on-site sale is not suitable. This allows them to tailor all instructions to clients needs and also gives the team a hugely effective “shop window” in which to promote the sales.

If you are interested in this service, or you would just like a confidential and informal chat, please contact either Mark or Meg on the numbers shown.

Pedigree dairy sales -

In addition to the weekly sales at our markets, Leek also undertakes monthly pedigree dairy sales.  These events are fully catalogued, ensuring that we attract the maximum number of both vendors and purchasers.  Events can also take place off site on the farm premises themselves.

For more about these events, please visit the Leek market page

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