Dispersal of 100 British Friesians on Instructions from Macer Bros, Wysall

On Instructions from Macer Bros, Oak Tree Farm, Thorpe in the Glebe, Wysall, Nottinghamshire


Being the most genuine sale of 83 Cows & Heifers In-milk & In-calf together with 18 Bulling Heifers. These are a tremendous herd of homebred British Friesians which are strong in body stature whilst displaying lovely square udders and good feet. Sires within the milking herd include Skyhigh Patrol, Lakemead Rancher and Deangate Quentin with the youngstock by Collycroft Solo. The herd is loose housed and milked via a herringbone parlour and although not milk recorded is averaging over 8000kg on milk sent. An exceptional milk quality is being mainatained running at 4.68%F 3.26%P cc116.


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