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Being the dispersal of the entire NMR Recorded Pedigree Soarbrook Herd comp 84 Cows & Heifers In-milk & In-calf, 19 In-calf & Served Heifers & 73 Youngstock.

This is an entirely homebred herd where excellent sires feature including Bossman, Goldenboy, Destry, Lamar, Nadal, Monterey & Bron with youngstock by Silver, Mercury, MVP, Battlecry, Danumero & Mayday.

The herd is youthful with 70 milking in their 1st-4th Lac which includes 38 Heifers many of which are newly calved. The herd is cubicle housed & milked via a herringbone with the herd average running at 8164kg 4.18%F 3.38%P cc172.

Also Shelbourne 19cu’m Diet Feeder, Straw Chopper, Cattle Sundries, Wheat Straw & Silage


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Please call the Uttoxeter office for all enquiries.

01889 562811

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Ramsdale Farm, Sapcote, Leicestershire

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