Bakewell Market Report for Tuesday 23rd April 2019

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A typical Easter Tuesday Market with 150 Cattle and 1,234 Sheep.

Buyers were present in sufficient numbers to ensure a decent trade in all sections and Vendors went away well satisfied with the results.

There were 79 Store Cattle which sold on an outstanding trade assisted no doubt by the remarkable Easter Weather. Steers sold to £1,075 and Heifers £1,000 with Feeding Bulls to £770.

Only a handful of Finished Cattle with top figures 219p and £1,432 per head.

In the OTM Section there were only 20 examples selling to 172p to average 122.7p and gross up to £1,104. A small show of 35 Calves maintained recent price levels with Bulls to £190 and Heifers £132.

In the Sheep Department Spring Lambs were in reasonable supply with 89 on offer. The best to 314 pence and £130.05 per head. The SQQ average looked good at 286.2p

Hoggs continue to come forward in decent numbers, the best on offer reached 248p and £113.25.

Turning to the averages the SQQ was 216.6 pence and the overall for the entire 764 Hoggs was a creditable 199.1p for a very mixed sample.

Finally, there were 381 Cull Sheep with Ewes to £148 to average £70.35.

Forthcoming Events

For the avoidance of doubt this is the schedule of Monday/Tuesday Markets over the coming weeks, so please study the list carefully

Monday 29th April

Business as usual

Monday 6th May

The “Mayday” Monday Market

Monday 13th May

Normal Market

Tuesday 28th May

Spring Bank Holiday Tuesday Market

Monday 3rd June

Back to normal

Other Bagshaw’s Fixtures include:

Friday 26th April: Darley Moor Collective Sale

20 OTM, BARREN & FEEDING COWS – overall average 122.78p (Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

Only a small sample but trade very much in line with recent weeks.

172p/kg £1104.00 Lim (32 mnths) K & ME Hall & Son, Croxden
128p/kg £906.00 Hfd C & FM Percival, Youlgreave
127p/kg £673.10 Sim LH Powell & Son, Dronfield
126p/kg £864.00 Hfd C & FM Percival, Youlgreave

2 OTM Steers

154p/kg £890 Lim (31 mnths) AW Hague, Wilboarclough

16 FINISHED CATTLE – overall average 183.8p (Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

Trade more than respectable for the small entry.

4 Young Bulls

198p/kg Lim JE & GE Mills & Son, Ilkeston
194p/kg Lim JE & GE Mills & Son, Ilkeston

6 Steers

219p/kg £1432.00 Lim D Pearson, Wentworth
190p/kg £1235.00 Lim (31 mnths) D Pearson, Wentworth
187p/kg £1275.00 Lim D Pearson, Wentworth

4 Finished Heifers

199p/kg £1098.00 Sim Meadows Farms, Bakewell
198p/kg £1053.00 Lim D Pearson, Wentworth
195p/kg £1185.00 Lim TW & G Fountain, Marston Montgomery

STORE & BREEDING CATTLE - (Auctioneer Alastair Sneddon)

The modest Tuesday entry of 79 Store cattle had attracted more than enough buyers to generate and excellent trade and many more Cattle could have been sold.

Feeding Bulls

Only a couple from Mr Bradbury of earl Sterndale with an Angus x 14 mnths at £770 and a 14 mnths Holstein at £695.

58 Steers Overall Average £780

A useful selection, all well bid for with sample prices as follows:

£580 Lim x 8-11 mnths W & EI Handford, Birch Vale
£1075 Lim x 19-24 mnths NR & RA Hutchinson, Weston Underwood
£1070 B Blue x 21-28 mnths NR & RA Hutchinson, Weston Underwood
£665 Lim x 8-11 mnths JG Jackson, Wardlow
£775 Angus x 14 mnths S Downing & Daughters, Little Eaton
£645 Hfd x 21 mnths Scott & Curley, Hulland
£720 Fries 16-17 mnths JW Handford, Birch Vale
£780 MRI 15-20 mnths JW Handford, Birch Vale
£1065 Angus 24 mnths JW Oakes, Bole Hill
£590 Blond x 7-10 mnths FM Ottewell & Son, Shottle

19 Heifers

Not enough to stem demand with decent prices achieved.

£1000 Lim 16 mnths TF & J Thompson, Longnor
£640 Lim 10 mnths TF & J Thompson, Longnor
£570 Lim 8 mnths JG Jackson, Wardlow
£570 Hfd x 20 mnths Scott & Curley, Hulland
£590 Angus 21 mnths Scott & Curley, Hulland

Back to normal next week with a large entry anticipated to include:

8 Ped Lim Hfrs, 10 Pure Lim Steers & 1 Pure Char Bull from Clark Farms, Ringinglow

8 i/c Cows

20 Cont Strs & Hfrs

40 BB & AA Bulls, 3-8 mnths

50 Hfd x Strs/Hfrs, 12-18 mnths, Named Sire

1 Ped Lim Stock Bull, 5yrs

35 CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

A small Tuesday entry as expected and those forward lacking much in the way of quality or size. Plenty of prospective purchasers ringside but no real highlights in terms of prices achieved.

Bulls Top Price (£) Average Vendor
Hfd £90.00 £80.00 Shirt Farms, Tideswell
Sim £80.00 EF Chadfield & Son, Ashbourne
Holst £48.00 £22.25 TN Palfreyman & Son, Flagg
Fries £88.00 T & CJ Hadfield, Tideswell
AA £145.00 £113.33 W & A Cartledge & Son, Sparrow Pit
Jer £10.00 T & CJ Hadfield, Tideswell
Lim £190.00 £111.00 L Hadfield & Sons, Peak Forest
Heifers Top Price Average Vendor
Hfd £80.00 £65.00 Shirt Farms, Tideswell
Sim £132.00 £131.00 EF Chadfield & Son, Ashbourne
AA £125.00 W & A Cartledge & Son, Sparrow Pit
Lim £125.00 £90.63 Shirt Farms, Tideswell

1,234 SHEEP including 853 Lambs, 381 Cull Sheep

(Auctioneer Peter Oven )

A total entry of 1234 Sheep included 89 Spring Lambs and 764 Old Season Lambs. Demand very brisk from the start with the Brough Family topping the market at 314p/kg. Best big Lambs saw a gross price of £130/head. The overall Spring Lamb average 286.22p/kg.

Leading Prices:

38.8kg 310p/kg R Brough & Son, Monyash
40.8kg 314p/kg R Brough & Son, Monyash
41.3p/kg 308p/kg R Swift & Son, Little Onn
44kg 281p/kg Thorp Farms, Baslow
45kg 289p/kg R Brough & Son, Monyash


32.1-39kg To: 310p/kg Average: 294.75p/kg
39.1-45kg To: 314p/kg Average: 280.4p/kg

In the Old Season Lambs quality well-fleshed sorts still very well bid for with best Butcher’s Lambs to 248p/kg, heavy Butcher’s Lambs to 233p/kg and over-weights to 199p/kg. Best big Lambs grossed £113/head. Overall average 216.62p/kg

Leading Prices:

37.3kg 212p/kg G Ball, Marston
38.5kg 206p/kg TA Twyford & Son, Alport
39.5kg 245p/kg P Langton, Holbrook
41.6kg 248p/kg P Langton, Holbrook
43.2kg 246p/kg P Langton, Holbrook
44.7kg 234p/kg P Langton, Holbrook
45.3kg 235p/kg P Langton, Holbrook
46.1kg 233p/kg D Williams, Leek
47.8kg 200p/kg D Williams, Leek
49.1kg 200p/kg D Williams, Leek
54.4kg 198p/kg JT Gibbs, Butterton
55.2kg 199p/kg M Wright, Hartington
57.7kg 196p/kg M Wright, Hartington

Finished Hogg Averages:-

32.1 - 39kg To: 212p/kg Average: 198.88p/kg
39.1 - 45kg To: 248p/kg Average: 219.76p/kg
45.6 – 52kg To: 233p/kg Average: 185.63p/kg
52kg + To: 199p/kg Average: 174.63p/kg

381 Ewes & Rams

A total of 381 Cull Sheep attracted brisk bidding throughout with a top of £148 for Texels. Best Mule Ewes sold in the £65-£80 range with best horned Ewes in the £55-£70 range.

Ewes to £148.00 Average: £70.35

Rams to £98.00

Auctioneers: Bagshaws, The Agricultural Business Centre,

Bakewell 01629 812777