Bakewell Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale for Thursday 18th May 2017

649 Sheep comprising 205 Lambs, 277 Finished Hoggs, 112 Cull Ewes & 22 Ewes with 36 Lambs at Foot

205 Spring Lambs

Those forwards were rewarded with a very good trade to average 245.8p/kg to a top of 280p/kg and top headage of £120 and a number of other pens over £110.

Spring lamb averages:-

32.1kg – 39kg To 279p Average 249.5p
39.1kg – 45.5kg To 280p Average 244.9p
45.6kg - 52kg To 214p Average 209p

Leading Prices:-

38.5kg 279p/kg R Brough, Monyash
38.3kg 279p/kg M Wright, Hartington
39.2kg 280p/kg R Brough, Monyash
42.1kg 280p/kg R Brough, Monyash
43.0kg 280p/kg R Brough, Monyash

277 Finished Hoggs

Numbers understandably starting to dry up but with the quality within the entry selling extremely well, regularly over 200p/kg. Top at 215p/kg and average returned at a respectable 194p/kg. Heavier weight were particularly in demand to a top of £104 per head.

Hogg averages:-

32.1-39kg To 213p Average 189.8p/kg
39.1-45.5kg To 215p Average 195.9p/kg
45.6-52kg To 194p Average 181.8p/kg
52kg + To 180p Average 169.2p/kg

Leading Prices:-

38.2kg 213p/kg R Swift, Little Onn
38.3kg 200p/kg Grigg Farms, Rainow
42.1kg 215pkg R Swift, Little Onn
48.0kg 194p/kg Wheeldon Partners, Taddington
57.7kg 180p/kg ID & EA Hunter, Radbourne
59.2kg 180p/kg ID & EA Hunter, Radbourne

112 Cull Ewes & Rams

Still good numbers forwards with best Ewes over £100 to a top of £106, and an average at £67.59.

22 Ewes with 36 Lambs at Foot

Numbers starting to dry up but with a volume of purchasers looking for sheep ensured a strong trade. Strong twin outfits were regularly over £150 to a top of £170 for young ewes with twin lambs.

***PLEASE NOTE: As from 1st June the new selling time will be 12pm***

Auctioneers: Bagshaws, The Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell 01629 812777