Bakewell Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale & In Lamb Ewes for Thursday 13th February 2020

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1382 Sheep including 815 Finished Hoggs, 182 Cull Sheep, 23 Store Hoggs & 362 In Lamb Ewes

815 Hoggs Av 230.60p/kg

Another excellent entry with trade a little easier than last week but still very respectable. Top prices of £118 per head and 257p/kg with all weights in strong demand.

Leading prices:

31.0kg 238p/kg E & J Beswick, Grindon
39.0kg 256p/kg AT Richardson & Son, Ilam
38.4kg 255p/kg TR Lomas, North Rode
34.0kg 250p/kg AJ Martin, Chesterfield
42.2kg 257p/kg Cowley Knoll Farms, Uppertown
45.0kg 250p/kg B Ford, Lymehandley
39.3kg 247p/kg AJ Bowring, Warsop
50.0kg 236p/kg H Hodgkinson, Earl Sterndale
55.0kg 220p/kg W & WD Sessions, Trusley
55.1kg 220p/kg GA Waller, Bullington


25.5 – 32.0kg To: 238p/kg Average: 236.74p/kg
32.1 – 39.0kg To: 256p/kg Average: 234.76p/kg
39.1 – 45.5kg To: 257p/kg Average: 228.93p/kg
45.6 – 52.0kg To: 236p/kg Average: 221.27p/kg
52kg + To: 220p/kg Average: 213.12p/kg

182 Cull Sheep, Ave £73.61 per head

Another buoyant trade with strong Mules over £100 and Continentals £146.

23 Store Hoggs

A small entry but a large gathering of prospective purchasers. Top price £83 and an overall average of £79.18.

368 In Lamb Ewes

First sale in in lamb Ewes for the season attracted a very large crown of prospective purchasers. Many more Ewes could have been sold to vendors advantage. All breeds were wanted and best results were for the Ewes that were scanned.

Leading prices include:

North Country Mules To: £145 Ave: £139.00
Scotch Mules To: £140
Welsh Mules To: £132
Suffolk x To: £142 Ave: £135.00
Texel x To: £172
Blue Texel To: £148
Gritstone To £126 Ave: £124.00
Rough Fell To £117 Ave: £112.00

Next Sale of In Lamb Ewes: Thursday 27th February

To Include:

*40 Scotch Black Faced Ewes (2Sh)

3 Herdwick (2Sh)

R/W BFL Since November

*30 Wensleydale X Ewes

30 Cheviot x Ewes

R/W Texel & Suffolk Since November

*10 Welsh Ewes

10 Badger Ewes

R/W Cheviot Since November

Auctioneers: Bagshaws, The Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell 01629 812777