Bakewell Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale Report for Thursday 11th January 2018

1367 Sheep comprising 669 Finished Hoggs, 124 Cull Ewes & Rams & 574 Store Sheep

669 Finished Hoggs ave. 183.1p/kg

Similar numbers and an improved trade on last week with the best over 200p to a top of 215p on two separate occasions. All weights in keen demand with Farm Assurance being a significant advantage on certain types of lambs.

Lamb averages:

25.5-32.0kg To 191p Average 191.0p/kg
32.1-39.0kg To 215p Average 183.9p/kg
39.1-45.5kg To 215p Average 182.7p/kg
45.6-52kg To 192p Average 173.9p/kg
52kg + To 160p Average 154.9p/kg

Top Prices:

30.0kg 191p PJ Taylor, Eyam
37.6kg 215p TW Fountain, Marston Montgomery
37.7kg 200p PE Yates, Quarndon
37.5kg 198p FH Sargent, Quarndon
40.0kg 215p DJ & P Smith, Macclesfield
39.5kg 205p CJ Nash, Dayhills
41.8kg 201p Robinson Partners, Tatenhill

124 Cull Ewes & Rams

A strong trade to £90 but a number of plainer hill ewes within the entry reducing the average at £42.

264 Store Lambs Ave. £52.85

An outstanding trade for a generally moderate sample of lambs. The best continentals to £66 but it would be the smaller long keep lambs that would look dearest of all.

Tex x £66 JT & JH Simms, Catton

Tex x £65 JT & JH Simms, Catton

Tex x £62.50 JT & JH Simms, Catton

Tex x £62 M Standerwick, Tamworth

Tex x £56 M Standerwick, Tamworth

Tex x £56 PB Shaw, Matlock

250 In Lamb Ewes

Strong trade for all on offer to average over £100 with the best to £138. A flock dispersal for G Gartside, Hope Valley saw a large gathering of potential purchasers, many who had travelled considerable distance to get to Bakewell and ensured a strong trade from start to finish. Best Suffolks to £138, Texels to £130 and Mules to £115.

Suffolk x Average £134 To £138 BT & VE Elkin, Stone

Texel x Average £114 To £130 BT & VE Elkin, Stone

Mule Average £100 To £115 HD Fletcher, Peak Forest

Auctioneers: Bagshaws, The Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell 01629 812777