Thursday lunchtime sheep sale for Thursday 19th September 2019

428 Lambs ave 162.74p/kg

Reduced numbers but with trade distinctly more upbeat for all types. As in previous weeks those lacking finish proved most difficult to sell and this having an adverse effect on the overall average. Best lambs to over £80 and a top of 194p/kg.

Leading prices:

35.0kg 194p/kg JH Bennett, Branside
36.0kg 176p/kg SJ Wardle, Hollinsclough
35.4kg 175p/kg DE Hodgson, Wormhill
45.0kg 179p/kg G Spencer, Derby
41.2kg 179p/kg SJ Wardle, Hollinsclough
48.3kg 174p/kg N Hartshorn, Thorpe Salvin
32.1 – 39.0kg To: 194p/kg Average: 172.58p/kg
39.1 – 45.5kg To: 179p/kg Average: 159.92p/kg
45.6 – 52kg To: 174p/kg Average: 156.69p/kg
52kg + To: 150p/kg Average: 144.65p/kg

147 Cull Sheep ave £57.76/head

A very competitive trade with best ewes to £96.

Auctioneers: Bagshaws, The Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell 01629 812777