Leek Market for Tuesday 13th August 2019

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A busy day again at Leek, with good numbers forward. New season lambs in good demand, albeit not the flying trade of last Tuesday, with a top of 198p/kg and overall average of 173p/kg. Ewes a strong trade to £92.

Barrens in good demand although no best quality cattle forward, topping at 128p/kg for a Blue cow and plenty of black & whites 105p - 120p. clean cattle sold for 179p/kg for a Charolais steer.

In the dairy section, milkers sold to £1850 for a fresh heifer from R Lomas, Calow. Next week is the monthly Pedigree sale, one not to be missed this month!

A much improved trade for pigs, with averages up across the board with bacon pigs to 144p/kg.

A similar number of calves forward again this week, and trade improved, especially for medium and smaller sorts, with the best to £375 for a blue bull calf.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A better trade for barren cattle this week with more demand around the ring but a lack of those best meated sorts. Top price of 128p/kg for a 780kg British Blue from D & G Tudor, Kingsley with a 745kg Holstein to 126p/kg for RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks.

Other top prices;

123p 705kg Friesian - J W Brandrick & Son, Beamhurst

123p 780kg Holstein - W Bradbury & Partners

122p 695kg British Blue - D F Wainwright, Alsop

122p 795kg Holstein - D & J Moseley, Caverswall

119p 685kg Holstein - D & J Moseley, Caverswall

117p 820kg Holstein - R J Clowes & Son, Kingsley

117p 675kg Friesian - C & S Hooley, Macclesfield

116p 730kg Holstein - Woodward Partners, Rudyard

115p 625kg Limousin - G A Hughes, Bucknall

Overall average of 103.43p/kg or £694.76.

Top headage price of £998.40 for D & J Tudors Blue cow with Holsteins to £969.90 and £959.40.


Selling time – 10:45am approx.

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Less about this week with trade a bit easier on the week with steers to 179p/kg for a 605kg Charolais with other Charolais steers at 174p/kg twice for 645kg and 635kg.

A 655kg Limousin steer sold at 170p/kg for E A Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees.

Heifers sold to 165p/kg for a 550kg Limousin from E A Sessions & Sons, with a 595kg British Blue heifer realising 162p/kg for S J Potts, Biddulph.

Top headage price or £1122.30 and £1113.50 for steers with heifers to £963.90.

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Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Trade a tad easier for milkers this week but it was perhaps a reflection on the quality forward which was lacking.

Richard Lomas of Calow topped to day at £1850 for a 5gal heifer. The Beech family of Sutton had one to £1760 and another to £1700.

Ron Tomkinson took home £1750 for his 24kg heifer. A smashing entry forward for nest weeks pedigree sale which includes the sale of 38 in-calf & bulling heifers on behalf Peter Hudson of Gawsworth and 19 Pedigree British Friesian bulling heifers from the Hightown herd of Graham France of Liversedge, West Yorkshire. Catalogues will be out shortly!

PIGS (138);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

More about this Tuesday but much more trade for pigs, improving on previous weeks and better averages.

Pork pigs sold to 110p/kg for 53kg pigs from A Scott, Knutsford.

Cutting pigs sold to 134p/kg for 80kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, Redbrook with 130p/kg for an 84kg pig from P J Bowers, Mow Cop and 122p/kg for a 81kg pig from J & B Fentem, Alsop.

Bacon pigs sold to 144p/kg for 93kg pigs from J Davenport, Macclesfield, with 89kg pigs at 140p/kg from PF & PD Parsons with a 97kg pig at 128p/kg from Chris Hine, Biddulph.

Heavy pigs topped at 113p/kg for 109kg pigs from H Kelsall & son, Dean Row, with a pair of 108kg pigs from Chris Hine at 106p/kg.

Strong trade for cull sows with a top of 81p/kg for a 196kg sow from JW & B Bennett, Abbots Bromley with a 206kg sow at 79p/kg from A Scott, Knutsford and also 79p/kg for a 221kg sow from JW & B Bennett.

Five pens of stores with a pen of five 56kg pigs at £71/head for S Walker, Beoley and a pen of five 48kg pigs from the same home at £57/head. R & P Organic sold two pens at £48 and £46.


Pork Pigs (11) av 95.67p/kg or £56.62/head

Cutting Pigs (22) av 107.77p/kg or £86.76/head

Bacon Pigs (57) av 108.39p/kg or £100.43/head

Heavy Pigs (9) av 105.57p/kg or £118/head

Cull Sows & Boars (7) av 72.17p/kg or £150.99/head


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


A decent entry sold on a solid trade, albeit less than last week as per national trends. Pleasing to say though competitive bidding throughout.

Best sorts selling to 198p (three times) for Messrs Hulme, Potts & Whittaker. Plenty of others at 190p and above.

Big lambs well bid for to a top of £93.28/head and numerous pens exceeding £90/head.

Overall average at 173.5p/kg.

Sample prices;

192p 37kg J Worthington, Macclesfield

198p 42kg J Hulme, Sandbach

198p 41.7kg R Whittaker, Marthall

198p 39.4kg J & R Potts, Prestbury

197p 45kg P J Harrison, Priestcliffe

195p 39.2kg J Worthington, Macclesfield

184p 50kg R Whittaker, Marthall


Less than half of last weeks entry but a solid trade with 9 buyers accounts operating.

Best sorts selling to £92 for heavy Texel’s mules looking best sold on the day to £80/head and plenty at £70 and better.

Meated swales to £58.

Overall average of £57.50 including a good number of very plain sorts and welsh ewes.

CALVES (153);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A similar entry with all shapes, breeds, ages and sizes represented. Trade today generally dearer with a big ring of buyers competing well but at realistic levels.

51 Continental Bulls av £214.07 (Up £23)

Definitely dearer although not many at the top end with some mediums and smalls £50/head better sold. Best peaked at £375 for a Blue from Norman Mellor with just 6 over £300. 20 better sorts over £250 with 8 plainer bulls under £150.

24 Blues av £212 to £375 - NG, JMH & H Mellor

7 Sims av £254 to £275 - H & J Smith & Sons

12 Lims av £167 to £270 - DR & BA Cotton

4 Char av £212 to £270 - C V Whilock & Sons

4 Blonde av £299 to £370 - W H Townsend & Son

35 Continental Heifers av £155.11

Averages up again with numerous buyers looking for a bunch to rear. 10 better sorts topped £200 with Messrs Townend, Sudbury selling Blondes to £290 and £245. Mediums generally £140 - £180 with just a handful of plain heifers under £100.

17 Blues av £155 to £205 - G H & J Cork

3 Sims av £148 to £170 - David Swinson

10 Lims av £129 to £262 - D R & A Shuker

5 Cha/Blo av £212 to £290 - W H Townsend & Son

19 Native Bred Calves

Angus bulls to £230 for Trevor Swinson, Caverswall with Herefords to £225 for P J Davies, Werrington. Best of the heifers saw Herefords to £165 for R J Salt, Rudyard.

37 Black & White Bulls av £72.37

Some better sorts about that were appreciated by some rearer buyers today. Two Friesians sold at £175 and £170 for Messrs Shuker, Bosley with four more Holsteins over £100. Three Monty’s sold to £220, £175 and £165 for N E Goodwin, Upper Hulme. Processing bulls generally £25 - £50 today.

11 Reared Calves from four vendors

Saw heifers peak at £230 for a pair of Herefords (4-5mths from A Lichfield, Newborough.




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