Leek Market for Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Good numbers forward again this week, with clean cattle to 191p/kg and barrens to 126p/kg selling on a firm trade for the quality on offer.

Butchers lambs were steadier on the week, but comparing well with other outlets, with best lambs to 192p/kg and top headage price of £85.17. Ewes sold to £106.

A good turnout of calves this week, with buyers for all but quality selling very well in comparison. Top price of £355 for Limousin bulls and heifers to £260.

A small entry of dairies ahead of next weeks bumper entry for the Pedigree sale. Top price of £1600 for a third calver.

Pigs were back slightly on the week, with a top of 124p/kg for bacon pigs.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Cows continue to sell on a firm trade, and a large proportion of leaner cattle on offer today.

Top price of 126p/kg for a 680kg Charolais cow from J Barber, Quarnford with a 555kg Limousin from Tom Meakin, Elkstones at 120p/kg.

Other top prices include;

116p 525kg Friesian - D J & J Mayer, Biddulph Park

112p 640kg Friesian - RF & JP Critchlow, Hartington

111p 680kg British Blue - R J Critchlow, Grindon

111p 755kg British Blue - R J Critchlow, Grindon

106p 690kg Holstein - GW & MA Platt, Gawsworth

104p 735kg Friesian - T G Adams & Son, Calwich

104p 690kg Friesian - RF & JP Critchlow, Hartington

102p 835kg Hereford - G Norbury, Macclesfield

102p 795kg Holstein - E Morley & Sons, Kirk Langley

102p 625kg Ayrshire - S Ryder, Dilhorne

Overall average of 88.51p/kg or £582.11 per head.

Top headage price of £924.15 for a 915kg Friesian from F E Whittaker & Sons, Bosley with Charolais from John Barber at £856.80 and Herefords to £851.70.


Selling time – 10:45am approx.

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good trade for the cattle on offer today. Top price of 191p/kg for a 560kg Limousin heifer with other heifers at 178p/kg for a 595kg Limousin and 177p/kg for a 615kg British Blue.

Steers sold to 188p/kg for a 575kg Angus from George Wise, Audley with a 535kg British Blue at 184p/kg from CS JJ & WE Bower, Hollingworth. A 625kg British Blue from J R Hall, Endon realised 180p/kg with a 585kg Hereford at 179p/kg from J W Brandrick & Son with a 650kg Hereford at 178p/kg from HA & TR Mycock, Grindon. A group of steers from Reg Bould realised 175p/kg for a 610kg Angus, 170p/kg for a 635kg Angus and 170p/kg for a 590kg British Blue.

A 605kg Simmental bull from Rushton Spencer sold well at 181p/kg.

Top headage price of £1157, £1125 and £1081 for steers, heifers to £1088.55 and £1069.60 with bulls at £1095.05.


Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

As the saying goes, the calm before the storm today in the dairy section. A few less around however some superb entries forward for next weeks Pedigree sale with nearly 100 milkers entered.

The trade for the quality forward was on song with a third calver to £1600 and mid lactation cows to £1350.

Look out for the catalogue online later in the week, in addition we also have 2 Limousin and 2 Simmental stock bulls and 27 New Zealand bred bulling heifers. For further information on any of the above contact Meg Elliott on 07967 007049.

Second Quality Heifers to £1580 av £1410

Second Quality Cows to £1600 av £1513

PIGS (77);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Pigs were a little less than last week but a good number of pigs forward and buyer support.

Pork pigs sold to 114p/kg for 72kg pigs from J & B Fentem and 112p/kg for a 67kg pig from J Davenport, Gawsworth.

Cutting pigs sold to 116p/kg for a pair of 82.5kg pigs from S Bailey, Biddulph and also for 81kg pigs from J Davenport, Gawsworth. Others from J & B Fentem sold at 112p/kg for 81kg pigs and 110p/kg for 84.3kg pigs.

Bacon pigs sold to 124p/kg for 87kg pigs from J & B Fentem with a 88kg pig at 118p/kg from J Davenport, 116p/kg for 89.5kg pigs from the Fentems and 114p/kg for 98.5kg from Chris Hine.

Heavier pigs sold to 108p/kg for 109.6kg pigs from J W Bailey, Cloudside who also sold 107.6kg pigs at 100p/kg.

Cull sows sold to 60p/kg for a 223kg sow from E M Beeson who also sold a 215kg sow at 58p/kg, and a 185kg and 204kg sow at 53p/kg.


Pork Pigs (3) av 113.36p/kg or £79.73/head

Cutting Pigs (15) av 112.09p/kg or £90.94/head

Bacon Pigs (36) av 110.27p/kg or £100.07/head

Heavy Pigs (9) av 99.1p/kg or £110/head

Cull Sows (14) av 46.65p/kg or £101.60/head


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (786);

A similar entry saw a slightly steadier trade in line with national trends and the previous days trading.

Best sorts sold up to 192p/kg with better sorts generally 180p and better.

Big lambs continue to be difficult to place, generally trading 140 - 155p/kg. Having said that the best big lambs sold to 184p/kg to gross £85.17.

Sample prices include;

181p 37.3kg R J Lowe & Partners, Rudyard

192p 43.8kg P J Harrison, Priestcliffe

190p 42.8kg H Hodgkinson & Sons, Earl Sterndale

188p 41kg D & L Wain, Ilam

185p 41.4kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill

184p 46.3kg P J Harrison, Priestcliffe


Another very strong entry saw spirited bidding to a top of £106.

In general, a much plainer entry of ewes with very few heavy ewes in the entry but those forward generally sold £80 and better.

Plenty of light and growing types selling at £20 - £55.

Overall average of £46 which represented a good trade for a poor quality entry.

CALVES (182);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A grand turnout of calves with buyers for all at appropriate levels.

48 Continental Bulls av £223.59

Good numbers and prices for the best but the disparity between the first and second quality is huge. 13 best topped £315 with Reuben sales top of the tree at £355 and £350 for lovely Limousin bulls. Medium £200 - £300 with 13 young plainer bulls under £135.

16 Blues av £276 to £350 - J Bailey & Sons

8 Sims av £216 to £345 - J Fernyhough

19 Lims av £175 to £355 - P I R Sales

1 Char to £340 - D & G Tudor

46 Continental Heifers av £142.32

Very few best on offer but what there was, was well bid for. 10 best over £200 with the top 5 over £250 and selling to £260 twice for the Blues for R & T Clowes & Son and D & EA Jeffery. Medium heifers £150 - £200 with smaller sorts under £130.

22 Blues av £173 to £260 - Two Vendors

20 Lims/Sims av £101 to £252 - K W Twemlow

37 Native Hereford & Angus

Hereford bulls topped at £270 for D & EA Jeffery, Roston with Angus up to £250 for D & W Davenport, Brereton.

32 Black & White Bulls £25.46

The majority selling for processing today with only a couple of good rearer’s on offer. Processing bulls generally £10 - £30 depending on size.

19 Reared Calves

A posh suckler bred Limousin bull (3 ½ mths) sold to £475 for J R Barker & Son, Findern with Simmentals (7 ½ mths) from E & MJ Bradbury at £450 and £428.



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