Leek Market for Tuesday 15th May 2018

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A busy day in the dairy and sheep sections at Leek on Tuesday, with the monthly Pedigree dairy sale taking place with a top call of £2250 for a heifer from John & Janet Stone, Onecote.

More butchers lambs about this week selling to 394p/kg for lovely shaped lambs from Rob & Andy Williamson with trade very much up on the week. Hoggs continue to sell well, with numbers starting to dry up but best to 270p/kg and £153.20 per head.

A good show of Ewes and lambs for our special fortnightly sale with best outfits to £215 for continental ewes with twins.

Barren cows were in short supply and a very firm trade up to 172p/kg and £1202.35 with averages of 124.59p/kg and £824.35/head overall. Clean cattle achieved 176p/kg for Friesian bulls.

Less calves about this week, but some excellent prices and averages well up on the week. Limousin bull calves sold to £452 with Limousin heifers to £355.

Pigs were more plentiful and very similar trade with a top of 138p/kg and £129.32 per head with cull sows up to £170.80.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

An excellent trade with a short supply and many farmers busy with field work. An average of 124.59p/kg was achieved and £824.35 per head.

Top price was 172p/kg for a 685kg Simmental cow from Rushton Spencer with a 800kg Simmental from the same home at 150p/kg.

A Montbeliarde cow from FA & TM Cotton of Tean achieved 144p/kg with a 865kg Holstein from AJ & ME Minshall Ltd at 139p/kg.

Other top prices include;

138p 750kg Holstein - A J C Stone Ltd

136p 785kg Holstein - AJ & ME Minshall Ltd

135p 780kg Holstein - A J Peach

135p 675kg Holstein - A J Peach

134p 800kg Friesian - RG & MG Leadbetter

134p 605kg Simmental - RG & MG Leadbetter

133p 630kg Limousin - M G Butler

130p 645kg Friesian - J & W Knight

129p 540kg Highland - P Webster

Top headage price was £1202.35 for an 865kg Holstein from AJ & ME Minshall Ltd with Simmentals to £1200 and £1178.20 with a total of 8 cows over £1000.

Stock bulls achieved up to 118p/kg for a 1020kg Hereford bull from G T Worsley & Son to gross £1203.60.


Selling time – 10:45am approx.

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

An entry of black & white bulls from J E Archer & Sons Ltd of Hilton met good competition with vendors being well satisfied.

Top price was 176p/kg for a 520kg bull with a 530kg bull at 172p/kg with the same price for a 540kg bull.

A 670kg Shorthorn steer from T & E Walker of Saverley Green achieved 166p/kg.

Top headage price was £1112.20 for the Shorthorn steer with bulls to £928.80 to average £878.50.

*More cattle required each week!*


Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

*Leek Pedigree Day Tops at £2250*

The monthly sale saw some very strong cattle forward with a lot of milk on offer and something for everyone with deep pedigrees milk yields to over 55kg per day.

Top call of £2250 for Critstone Pello Chic 2 from regular exhibitor John Stone at Onecote Grange. She walked out giving 37kg from an Ex90 family and sired by Ballycairn Oman Pello and caught the eye of John Minshall of Tean.

Regular exhibitor Michael Wainwright of Buxton had £2100 for his strong cow Sternmoor DVD Fizz born June 14, this lovely cow was yielding 55kg and went to Cheshire.

The top 6 in the Pedigree sale averaged a superb £2015 per head. Vendors were well rewarded with active buyers from as far as south Shropshire and locals aswell.

A 16 month old Pedigree Holstein bull from Peak Forest sold to £1110.

A wide variety of pedigree youngstock in today with an August 16 Fobec heifer from the Kent family at £665 and others from the Morleys Newmore herd at £670 and £680 (February 17).

In the commercials, we topped at £1900 for a smart Ayrshire heifer (July 15) from regular vendors, the Platts family of Bamford.

A draft of early calved grazing system cows up to 7th lactation met keen interest with buyers using the grass to boost the milk yields. Top price of £1130 with Channel Island x cows to £910.

PIGS (94);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

An increased entry with a very similar trade for all sorts. Top price for pork pigs was 134p/kg for J & B Fentem with others at 132p/kg.

A shortage of cutting pigs with a top price of 136p/kg for a pen of 82kg pigs from J & B Fentem with another pen at 134p/kg.

Bacon pigs achieved up to 138p/kg again from J & B Fentem with three more pigs from Steven Bailey of Knypersley at 130p/kg for average 126p/kg.

Heavier pigs topped at 122p/kg for a pen of 106kg gilts from Chris Hine and 120p/kg for a pen from J & B Fentem.

Cull sows sold up to 61p/kg for a 280kg cow from F Russell.

Cull boars topped at 32p/kg for a 317kg boar from E A Cooper & Sons. Top headage price was £170.80 for cull sow’s.

Top headage price for cutting pigs was £111.89 and £126.72 for bacon pigs with heavy pigs up to £129.32.

Store pigs sold up to £52 for Ian Woodward with others at £42 and £41.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


Nice to see an improved number but not enough to satisfy the extraordinary demand. Trade was quite unbelievable with half the entry selling at 350p and above, to a top price of 394p for excellent lambs from Rob & Andy Williams. Multiple other pens at 370p and above from 5 different vendors.

Sample prices;

394p 38.6kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

390p 37.5kg IE, M & A Wilson, Hollington

372p 38kg RG & GC Moss, Abbots Bromley

390p 39.3kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

385p 39.7kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

380p 40.5kg AE & HR Stubbs, Bramshall


Numbers continue to dry up but trade continues at a pace If you still have hogget’s to sell we still have plenty of demand!

Best sorts selling readily at 250p and above to top at 270p/kg from David Williams, Basford. Horned hoggs topped at 244p and a top headage of £153.20 for big hogget’s from F Yates & Son.

Overall average of 225p represents a number of plain sorts at 180p and below which vendors would be more than happy with!

Sample prices;

244p 39kg C W Shenton, Wilmslow

270p 45kg D Williams, Basford

268p 44.9kg D Williams, Basford

268p 45.7kg D Williams, Basford

264p 49.8kg D Williams, Basford

239p 55kg N I M Johnson, Heeley


A reasonable entry saw a solid trade, best being similar and average types being for dearer. Best Texel ewes sell to £120 per head. Best rams sold to £110. Overall average of £72.35


A massive entry of 186 couples plus a few store lambs and a solid trade throughout with a very food days trading. Best outfits to £215 from Mr Bickle of Oakamoor for continental ewes with twins. Hoggs with singles saw a solid trade to £174 from Jane Bonsall and £172 from John & Gary Fryer.

Aged mules with doubles generally £150 - £170 depending on quality and singles generally £110 - £140 depending of size and type.

Ewes and lambs every week now. Please advise of entries where possible.

CALVES (117);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

Less calves about but a big jump in trade with a big number of buyers at the ringside from first to last.

52 Continental Bulls av £304.13 (UP £42!)

We could have sold double the number of calves today with a packed ring of buyers even at the end. Limousins dominated today with a strong bull (2mths) topping at £452 for RG & MG Leadbetter, Uttoxeter with another at £410 for C E Hine, Biddulph. 12 best bulls over £350. Mediums £310 - £330 with smalls under £300, looking unbelievably dear.

32 Blues av £288 to £398 - J Kirkham, Sutton

12 Sims av £327 to £365 - J Fernyhough, Swythamley

8 Lims av £332 to £452 - RG & MG Leadbetter,

Birch Cross

43 Continental Heifers av £239.74 (UP £44!)

Better sold with some small calves £60 - £80/head dearer on the week. Best Blues topped at £352 for Pete Woodward and smart Limousins at £355 from J R Mosedale. 14 best calves over £270. Mediums £220 - £260 with a few smalls under £200.

18 Blues av £249 to £352 - Woodward Partners,


12 Sims av £222 to £318 - EB & BM Sutton, Moreton

13 Lims av £341 to £355 - J R Mosedale & Son,


12 Native Hereford & Angus

Only a handful but plenty of trade. Angus bulls to £280 with Herefords to £265 for S Ryder. 8 native heifers av £161 and sold to £200 for S Ryder.

10 Black & White Bulls av £60.10

No rearer’s today with all selling for processing between £46 - £84.



To be sold following the usual sheep entry

Contact Robert Watkins for further details

(Approx. 12.30pm)




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