Leek Market for Tuesday 25th June 2019

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A busier sale today with a buoyant trade seen in the dairy ring with a nice entry forward selling to £1920.

A rise in lamb numbers today saw a nice trade for the stock on offer. Top price of 236p/kg and averaged 201p/kg. Cull ewes to £122 and ewes with lambs to £198.

Still a good trade for barren cattle, with a top of 136p/kg for a Limousin cow and young bulls to 169p/kg. Please keep more numbers coming forward!

Pigs selling on a good trade again this week with top prices of 138p/kg and £147.66/head!!

Calves were a little easier today with similar numbers to last week, topping at £372 for Limousin bull calves.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A decent show of cattle this week with trade being slightly back on the week but a new buyer operating today created spirited bidding.

Top of 136p/kg for a 550kg Limousin from RF & JP Critchlow, Hartington who also sold a 500kg Limousin at 130p/kg.

Herefords sold to 126p/kg for a 610kg cow from EM & CP Naden, Cheddleton who sold a 710kg Hereford at 124p/kg.

Top prices include;

123p 790kg Holstein - J Hughes, Cheddleton

122p 845kg Holstein - DG & JA Ball, Fulford

121p 620kg Simmental - R M Simcock, Rainow

120p 545kg Belted Galloway - F D Horsford, Croxden

119p 705kg Montbeliarde - FA & TM Cotton, Tean

118p 605kg Montbeliarde - FA & TM Cotton, Tean

115p 805kg Holstein - DG & JA Ball, Fulford

114p 755kg Limousin - R & P Organic, Moddershall

114p 610kg Holstein - W Bradbury & Partners

Overall average of 101.88p/kg or £627.26 per head.

Top headage price of £1030.90 for an 845kg Holstein from DG & JA Ball with other Holsteins to £971.70 and £925.75.


Selling time – 10:45am approx.

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A smaller entry and no show stopping sorts today. Top price of 169p/kg for a 545kg Friesian bull from J E Archer & Sons who also sold another 575kg bull at 164p/kg.

Top headage price of £943 and £921.05.


Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

A buoyant trade for milkers on Tuesday saw numerous £1800 plus with more needed to satisfy demand.

Topping the day at £1920 was a very milky 2nd calver from David Swinson of Rushton. Giving 40kg she went to John Moss.

Hot in pursuit at £1890 was a 26kg heifer from Derek Davenport of Brereton, Sandbach. She went to Andrew Hulme of Basford.

Andrew & Marcus Callwood of Knutsford had a sweet heifer to £1860.

Next week we have the herd dispersal of 256 Holsteins on behalf of the Challans family. Take a look at the catalogue online at https://www.bagshaws.com/event/dairy-dispersal-2nd-july-2019

PIGS (98);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Pig trade similar to last week, but prices keeping well in line with other outlets.

Cutting pigs topped at 133p/kg for a trio of 80kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, with another pen of three at 130p/kg from J & B Fentem & Sons. Philip Nadin so two 77kg pigs at 130p/kg.

Bacon pigs sold to 138p/kg for a pair of 98kg pigs from MC & EA Beattie who also sold a single 95kg pigs at 137p/kg. J W Bailey sold a pair of 88kg pigs at 134p/kg.

Heavy pigs sold to 138p/kg for 107kg pigs from MC & EA Beattie, with a trio of 105kg pigs at 132p/kg from Bernard Minshull who also sold three 105kg pigs at 121p/kg.

Some better quality sows about this week topping at 73p/kg for a 292kg sow from Chris Hine, with a 243kg sow at 70p/kg from MC & EA Beattie and a 200kg gilt at 69p/kg from Marsden & Paddock.

One pen of 7 weaners sold at £32 from S Harper, Onecote.


Cutting Pigs (30) av 120.09p/kg or £97.27/head

Bacon Pigs (40) av 119.63p/kg or £111.64/head

Heavy Pigs (14) av 121.96p/kg or £129.28/head

Cull Sows (7) av 58.99p/kg or £153.96/head


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


Trade a touch easier this week, mainly down to more numbers coming forward nationally, but good to see more numbers about and plenty of buyers in action.

Top of 236p/kg for 40.7kg lambs from Rob & Andy Williamson, Wetley Rock. The whole entry averaged 201p/kg!

Sample prices;

232p 38.3kg M Lancaster, Congleton

231p 38.4kg S L Seabridge, Stone

230p 38.4kg RWM & PM Barnett, Twemlow Green

230p 34kg M Lancaster, Congleton

236p 40.7kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

235p 42.7kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

227p 40kg Archer & Bartram, Willington

216p 43kg R Tomkinson & Son, Butterton

218p 39.1kg R A Day, Cheddleton


A similar story to last week with ewes being a good trade. Texel ewes at £122 from M Lancaster, Congleton and others at £108 from C Fox, Barthomley.

Overall average of £66.45.


An excellent trade again for ewes with lambs with 2 and 3 shear ewes with doubles at £198, £196, £184, £182 and £180 from Miss J Belfield, Macc Forest. Mule hogs with single lambs at £152 and £150.

CALVES (142);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A slightly easier trade than last week with keenest bidding for Blue bulls.

42 Continental Bulls av £223

Selling to a top price of £372 for a smart Limousin from Sewell Farmers with Blues to £316 from S Wainwright. Medium calves met a keener trade than the rest.

16 Blues av £228 to £316 - S Wainwright

12 Sims av £190 to £300 - S & M Huxley & Son

12 Lims av £251 to £372 - Sewell Farmers

2 Char av £296 to £301 - DG & JA Ball

40 Continental Heifers

If anything more buyers than for bulls producing a top price of £250 for Blues from T Higginson with both Simmental and Limousins to a top of £228 from Sewell Farmers and S & M Huxley, Talke.

17 Blues av £183 to £250

10 Sims av £145 to £228

12 Lims av £161 to £228

1 Char to £156

33 Natives

9 Hereford Bulls av £160 to £220 - P J Taylor

9 Angus Bulls av £135 to £200 - V Sims

4 Hereford Heifers av £125 to £156 - J Brookes

9 Angus Heifers av £105 to £132 - V Sims

22 Black & White Bulls

Top of £155 to average £67. Main all for processing.



Holstein Dairy Herd Dispersal Sale

On Behalf on Challans Partners

Yoxall, Burton on Trent

Full Details Available Shortly



Fortnightly Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot

Sale to Follow Usual Weekly Entry

Please Advise R L Watkins of Entries




Fortnightly Sale of Barren & Clean Cattle

Entries taken from 2pm onwards


Sale to Commence at 4pm

Next Sale: 18th July **********************************************


Catalogued Sale of Store and Breeding Cattle

To Include Breeding Cows & Heifers, Some with Calves, Maiden Heifers, Breeding Bulls, Young Bulls & Store Cattle

Entries Invited

Next Sale: 20th July



Monthly Catalogued Pedigree Dairy Sale

To Include Holsteins, British Friesians, Shorthorns etc

Catalogues Available



Monthly Sale of Store and Breeding Pigs

To Include Store Pigs, Weaners, In-Pig Gilts & Sows,

Breeding Boars, Gilts and Sows with Litters

Next Sale: 17th August



Special Sale of Early Lambing Shearlings & Ewes

including Early Rams

MV and Non MV Sections

Entries Close Friday 12th July

Next Sale: 17th August