Leek Market for Tuesday 6th August 2019

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A much busier day at Leek with 1300 sheep forward and a cracking trade throughout with prices up 15p on the week! Lambs topped at 210p to average 188p/kg and ewes to £114.

Dairies were well sought after with a run of heifers from the Johnson family of Longnor selling to £2420 and £2300.

Barren cattle sold to 147p/kg and a better entry forward to average 113.19p/kg with clean to 182p/kg or £1194.60 per head.

Pigs were harder to sell this week, but plenty of customers for them selling to 130p/kg for cutters and store pigs to £54.

Calves a similar trade with a good numbers forward selling to £342 for a Blue bull calf with heifers to £264.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good show of cattle forward today and trade up on the week. Top price of 147p/kg for a British Blue cow from J Roberts, Upper Hulme, who also sold another 465kg Blue at 141p/kg and two more Blues at 555kg and 495kg for 137p/kg with a 680kg British Blue cow from F & J Barlow, Froghall selling at 137p/kg.

Other top prices;

129p 625kg Holstein - BP & JR Needham, Heaton

128p 590kg Limousin - D Poole-Bailey, Knypersley

127p 705kg Holstein - BP & JR Needham, Heaton

127p 595kg British Blue - F & J Barlow, Froghall

126p 710kg Meuse Rhine - J W Handford & Sons

126p 815kg Hereford - LAJ Turner & Son, Rownall

124p 620kg Limousin - D Poole-Bailey, Knypersley

119p 500kg Hereford - J Burgess, Betley

118p 610kg Angus - N G Sidebottom, Marple Bridge

Overall average of 113.19p/kg or £718.78 per head.

Top headage price of £1026.90 for the Hereford from L A J Turner & Son with Meuse Rhine cows to £994.50 and Blue cows to £931.60.

Overage steers sold to 145p/kg for a 640kg Angus from John Burgess, Betley, and a 770kg Hereford at 127p/kg from Kevin White, Swinscoe.


Selling time – 10:45am approx.

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A nice number forward again this week and trade was similar to last week. No best quality forward today. Top price of 182p/kg for a 640kg Saler steer from David Kennerley, Betley who also sold a 660kg Limousin steer for 181p/kg.

Heifers sold to 168p/kg for a 550kg Simmental from Reg Critchlow, Grindon.

Top headage price of £1194.60 for the Limousin steer from A W Kennerley & Son who sold another at £1164.80 with heifers to £1008.70.


Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Another blistering trade at Leek today proving yet again this is the place to sell your milkers with 53 sold and more needed to fulfil demand.

The entry from Messrs Johnson of Longnor proved a big attraction with the best to £2420 and others to £2300 and £2150.

The first heifer through the ring reached £2050 with numerous others in that £1700-£2000 bracket.

If you have any dairies to sell whether it be milkers, In-calf heifers or youngstock don’t hesitate to contact Meg Elliott for advice. The fully catalogued pedigree sale on Tuesday 20th August already has well over 50 In-calf heifers and youngstock entered with entries still been taken.

PIGS (129);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Similar numbers but trade harder work this week, and not the heights we’ve been come used to these last few weeks.

Pork pigs sold at 85p/kg for 73kg pigs from R P Thompson, Hinstock and 83p/kg for 73.6kg pigs from G & I Middleton, Dereham.

Cutting pigs sold to 130p/kg for a pair of 80.5kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, Redbrook, who also sold a 81kg pig at 126p/kg.

Bacon pigs sold to 112p/kg for 88kg pigs from J & B Fentem, with a pair of 95kg pigs at 111p/kg from Steve Bailey, Knypersley and 110p/kg for 102kg pigs from the same home. A pen of 92.6kg pigs from the Fentem family sold at 110p/kg also.

Heavy pigs sold to 90p/kg for 106.5kg pigs from R Wilson, Oldham and 90p/kg for a 150kg pig from J & B Fentem.

Cull sows sold to 73p/kg for a 269kg sow from MC & EA Beattie, Allostock and 69p/kg for a 250kg sow from R Wilson Oldham and 69p/kg for a 275kg sow from Mr Beattie. Cull boars sold to 48p/kg for a 214kg boar from MC & EA Beattie.

Store pigs topped at £54 for a pen of six from Philip Nadin, Meerbrook with a pen of 7 at £50 from J Ball, Betchon.


Pork Pigs (6) av 84p/kg or £61.60/head

Cutting Pigs (36) av 99.95p/kg or £79.82/head

Bacon Pigs (56) av 96.79p/kg or £92.54/head

Heavy Pigs (5) av 86.09p/kg or £108.64/head

Cull Sows & Boars (13) av 53.53p/kg or £127.94/head


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)



A good entry of lambs, no doubt in anticipation of the increase in demand for the Muslim festival. Trade very strong throughout and dare I say more could have been sold to vendors advantage, with a number of orders not entirely fulfilled.

Best sorts well bid for to a top of 210p/kg from G & A Peach of Clifton and 12 pens over 200p from 10 different vendors.

Big lambs very well bid for to a top price of £109.21/head and plenty of lambs grossing in and around £100/head. Heavy category averaged 189p/kg.

Strong numbers required week on week to maintain increased orders.

Sample prices;

209p 31kg L Berriman, Monyash

185p 30.7kg A Scott, Knutsford

206p 37.5kg J M Robinson, Swythamley

201p 38.8kg G W Hicklin, Onecote

210p 43.6kg G & A Peach, Clifton

205p 44.2kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill

204p 45kg G & A Peach, Clifton

200p 44.5kg J Hulme, Sandbach

199p 48kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

199p 50kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill

190p 53.7kg A Shaw, Endon

187p 58.4kg G M Booth, Newcastle


A good entry saw a solid trade with best Charolais selling to £114/head. Texels to £108 and Beltex to £108.

Best Suffolks selling well to £89 and Mules topping at £81.

A large proportion of plainer ewes and horned ewes impacted on the average which came in at £61/head but trade was upbeat throughout.

CALVES (164);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899) Similar numbers and trade with certainly no records broken but competitive bidding for all on offer.

54 Continental Bulls av £191.64

Good number and trade for the better sorts but a lot of mediums look a good buy. 17 best bulls topped £250 with best Blues from Mark Hodgkinson selling to £342. Mediums £160 - £230 with 17 smalls under £150. 27 Blues av £206 to £342 - H Hodgkinson & Sons 7 Sims av £204 to £395 - JJ & PN Holdcroft 19 Lims av £172 to £310 - NG, JMH & H Mellor

37 Continental Heifers av £154.13

Possibly a little better sold than the bulls with an extra buyers or two about. 14 better bred heifers topped £185 and selling to £264 for a smart Simmental from T Bell & Partners, Hassall. Mediums £140 - £160 with a handful of smalls under £100. 19 Blues av £177 to £245 - G A Wise 10 Sims av £157 to £264 - T Bell & Partners 7 Lims av £79 to £145 - ME & DJ Gregory 1 Char to £210 - D & G Tudor

46 Native Bred Calves

Best bulls over £200 with Herefords to £235 from R J Salt and Angus to £205 with Messrs Brooks, Crakemarsh selling Hereford bulls and heifers both at £205.

25 Black & White Bulls av £40.32

Predominantly processing between £15 - £50. A smart Friesian made £128 and a 2 month old Holstein made £190.

1 Reared Blue Bull

3 months old sold well at £410 from Andrew Hulme, Basford.




Fortnightly Sale of Barren & Clean Cattle

Entries taken from 2pm onwards


Sale to Commence at 4pm

Next Sale: 29th August



Catalogued Sale of Store and Breeding Cattle

To Include Breeding Cows & Heifers, Some with Calves, Maiden Heifers, Breeding Bulls, Young Bulls & Store Cattle

Entries Invited

Next Sale: 14th September



Monthly Sale of Store and Breeding Pigs

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Catalogued Special Sale of Early Lambing Shearlings & Ewes and Early Rams

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Next Sale: 7th September (First Store Lamb Sale of the Season



Catalogued Monthly Pedigree Dairy Sale

To Include Holsteins, Friesians, Shorthorns etc

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Already Entered

11 In-calf Heifers & 25 Bulling Heifers from the CLOUDVALE Herd of Peter Hudson (Final Dispersal).

20 Pedigree British Friesian Heifers from the HIGHTOWN Herd of Graham France.

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