Leek Market Report for Tuesday 12th June 2018

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Dairies topped at £2040 at Leek for a Holstein freshly calved heifer from R Hall & Sons, Croxden with another Holstein heifer at £2030 from G S Ball & Sons of Sandbach.

An excellent trade for barrens this week with a top of 158p/kg and £1271/head. More required each week to keep up with the demand. Clean sold to 206p/kg for a 595kg Simmental heifer.

More pigs about this week selling on a solid trade again, with cutting pigs to 140p/kg and baconers to 138p/kg twice. Weaner pigs sold at £48/head.

Calves were a very good trade with Blue bull calves to £398 and heifer calves to £338.

Lambs were a much better trade this week, with the best selling to 294p/kg and a pleasing overall average of 255.39p/kg.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Another excellent trade for barrens today with a top price of 156p/kg for a 725kg Simmental, with another 725kg Simmental at 156p/kg and a 820kg Simmental at 155p/kg all from the same home.

Black & whites topped at 146p/kg for a 795kg cow from FW & JF Brookes, Crakemarsh and a 885kg Holstein from H W Heath & Son, Hartwell realised 142p/kg.

Other top prices;

139p 650kg Friesian - S Ryder

138p 920kg Montbeliarde - FA & TM Cotton

136p 825kg Hereford - DH & JM Moseley

136p 900kg Holstein - N E Goodwin & Son

135p 745kg Holstein - P R Lawley

132p 710kg Friesian - FW & JF Brookes

Overall average 116.11p/kg or £779.52/head.

Top headage price of £1271 for Simmentals, £1269.60 for Montbeliarde’s and £1256.70 for Holsteins.

An overage 700kg Sussex steer from MF Bennion, Ipstones achieved 158p/kg (£1106).


Selling time – 10:45am approx.

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Shortage of clean today with a top of 206p/kg for a 595kg Simmental heifer from SM Day, Upper Hulme to gross £1225.70 who also sold a 595kg Simmental steer at 198p/kg to gross £1178.10.


Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

**HEIFERS OVER £2000**


A lovely entry on Tuesday saw the first cow through the ring, a Shorthorn 3rd Calver from Jim Bennison reach £1700. It was his very last cow to sell and was therefore a fitting ending to his milking days.

Topping the day at £2040 was regular vendor Mark Hall of Croxden for a 30kg heifer with another from Messrs Ball of Sandbach at £2030. All milkers with the exception of those with faults were in excess £1300 which included numerous Shorthorns to average right through a superb £1555!

Plenty entered already for next week with towards 50 pedigrees entered so far and also a further 20-30 commercials expected! Further details will be posted in due course but if you are in need of milk and want some choice make sure you are at Leek next Tuesday. Do not hesitate to contact the LA Team if you want further details or if you have stock to sell. We are keen to help.

PIGS (105);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A solid trade for pigs today with more about this week.

Pork pigs sold to 136p/kg for 75kg pigs from J & B Fentem & Sons. Top headage price of £102.

Cutting pigs sold to 140p/kg for an 81kg pig from J Wheawall, Leigh who had an 85kg pig at 138p/kg. 77.3kg and 76kg pigs from J & B Fentem & Sons achieved 138p/kg also. Top headage prices of £117.30, £113.40 and £108.80.

Bacon pigs sold to 138p/kg twice with 95.5kg pigs from Chris Hine and 87.3kg pigs from J & B Fentem who also had others to 136p/kg and 134p/kg. Top headage prices of £139.36, £131.79 and £127.40.

Heavy pigs sold to 132p/kg for a 109kg pig from K Harrop of Alport with 110kg pigs from J Wheawall at 106p/kg. Top headage prices of £143.88 and £143.52.

Pork Pigs (8) Average 126.64p/kg or £93.40/head

Cutting Pigs (23) Average 131.91p/kg or £104.49/head

Bacon Pigs (40) Average 124.18p/kg or £115.36/head

Heavy Pigs (7) Average 99.4p/kg or £122.12/head

Cull sows sold to 66p/kg for a 233kg sow from J & B Fentem who had another at 59p/kg for a 237kg sow to gross £153.78 and £139.83 respectively.

Two pens of weaners from J Ball of Betchon sold well at £48/head and a pen of 6 from A J Robinson, Church Broughton sold at £43/head.

Monthly Store & Breeding Pig Sales commence Saturday 23rd June. Including store pigs and weaners, in-pig gilts and sows, breeding boars, gilts and sows with litters. Please advise of entries in advance for advertising purposes. Contact Robert Watkins for further information and entry enquires.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (241);

A small entry, no doubt influenced by talks of reducing trade, but those vendors who consigned stock were very well rewarded with trade very strong from start to finish. Unfortunately, due to tight numbers, some orders were unable to get started.

Best sorts topped at 294p/kg with several pens exceeding 270p/kg. best big lambs grossed £124.63. Overall average of 255.39p/kg.

Sample prices;

294p 37.5kg I G Forrester, Trent Vale

282p 38kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

280p 39kg Critchlow Bros, Sheen

284p 41.3kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

282p 39.7kg I G Forrester, Trent Vale

274p 40kg A R Turnock, Blackshaw Moor

260p 47kg E A Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees

Just a small sample of hoggett’s sold on a very firm trade topping at 221p/kg and several pens exceeding 200p/kg.


A seasonal entry sold on a firm trade topping at £125 for Texel rams from David & Joe Lovatt. Texel ewes from the Taylor family sold to £101 per head and best mules to £92.

Overall average of £73.24.


A small entry saw a steadier trade to a top of £148 for aged ewes with doubles.

CALVES (125);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

Less about but a superb trade throughout with all calves looking well sold.

37 Continental Bulls av £306.77

A very strong trade with not a great deal of quality at the top end. Trade peaked at £398 and £392 for a pair of Blues from Andy Williamson, Wetley Rocks. 10 best over £330, mediums £280 - £320 and smalls under £275.

21 Blues av £306 to £398 - RG & AS Williamson

7 Sims av £290 to £338 - D Hawkins

8 Lims av £322 to £388 - I Gregson

35 Continental Heifers av £227.73

Better money throughout with only a handful of best sorts on offer. A lovely Blue heifer topped the day at £338 for N E Goodwin, Upper Hulme. 8 better sorts over £280, mediums £230 - £260 with smalls under £210.

9 Blues av £264 to £338 - N E Goodwin & Son

14 Sims av £191 to £305 - R Shore

7 Lims av £254 to £300 - RG & AS Williamson

33 Native Hereford & Angus

A fantastic trade. Angus bull led the day at £262 for G B Millington, Wincle with Herefords up to £240. Angus heifers aw best sorts to £250 for C Jackson & Sons, Macclesfield.

20 Black & White Bulls av £92

Some better sorts on offer but a superb price. Best sold to £190 with medium rearer’s £115 - £150. Smaller rearer’s £70 - £85 with a few processors £60 - £70.



To be sold following the usual sheep entry

Contact Robert Watkins for further details

(Approx. 12.30pm)



Monthly Catalogued Pedigree Sale of Dairies


Fully Catalogued Sale from some of the Leading Herds in the Midlands and Surrounding Counties. A TREMENDOUS ENTRY already received from:

Alsopledale (3), Bartlewood (5), Chardan, Collycroft (7), Critstone (8), Harleygrange, Honeycroft (2), Newclose (3), Stocia (2), Stud (3),

Tag Lane (3), Whitecroft





Fortnightly Sale of Barren & Clean Cattle

Entries taken from 2pm onwards


Sale to Commence at 4pm

Next Sale: Thursday 5th July



Catalogued Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle

Sale to Commence at 10am

Entries Close Friday 15th June



Monthly Sale of Store and Breeding Pigs

Sale to Commence 10.30am.

Please advise of entries prior to Sale

Next Sale: Saturday 21st July



25 Pedigree Shorthorns together with a Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn Bull (2yrs) (Details to Follow)

On behalf of G K Tunnicliffe & Sons, Gradbach, Buxton