Leek Market Report for Tuesday 14th November 2017

Tuesday saw a full market in majority of sections with a number of new customers joining us.

93 barrens forward being a great trade throughout seeing spirited bidding to a top price of 150p/kg and £1128.85 per head. However, a smaller entry of clean cattle today topping at 196p/kg.

A lovely show of dairies forward today along with the dispersal of regular vendor E Docksey & Sons of Bagnall. Top call of £1980 for a fresh heifer from Andrew Weston of Litton.

Lamb trade saw a slight drop on the week, as expected from reports nationally, however best lambs continue to sell well to top at 206p/kg. Overall average of 161p.

Trade for pigs was up on the week, and quality continue to sell very well to top at 164p/kg for 97kg pigs from Chris Hine, with 18kg weaners at £30.

The calf shed saw a mixed show forward today with a cracking trade for the top end, and buyers for all shapes and sizes, with a lovely show of weanlings. Top call of £415 for a British Blue bull with weanlings to £500, again for British Blue bulls.

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Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A similar entry of barren cows with trade firm for all sorts. Top price was 150p/kg for a 745kg Limousin from Rushton Spencer with a 750kg Limousin from J W Hudson of Ipstones at 141p/kg.

A 685kg Limousin cow from Mrs Hudson of Ipstones achieved 138p/kg. A 530kg British Blue cow from DP & AE Klucznik was well sold at 136p/kg.

Other top prices include;

134p 640kg Simmental – J W Goodwin

133p 705kg Aberdeen Angus – S B Mellor & Son

129p 760kg Friesian – J Brough & Son

126p 720kg Charolais – K & S Bennett

125p 765kg Aberdeen Angus – J W Bassett

124p 620kg Belted Galloway - BJ & SM Cantrill

124p 740kg Friesian – F J Gould & Son

Several other cows made over 115p/kg with an overall average of 97.55p/kg.

Top headage price was £1117.50 for a Limousin cow with others at £1057.50 and Black & White cows at £980.40 and an Aberdeen Angus cow at £956.25. Overall average was £635.45.


Selling time – 10:45am approx

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry this week and more required each week to satisfy demand.

Top price was 196p/kg for a 580kg British Blue heifer from Rushton Spencer with a 565kg Hereford heifer from GW Mycock & son at 165p/kg.

A 590kg Hereford steer from GW Mycock & son exchanged hands for 146p/kg.

Top headage price was £1136.80 for British Blue heifers with others to £932.25.

DAIRIES (121);

Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

A full shed of dairies today saw 121 pass through the ring with a 100% clearance rate on a swifter trade than in previous weeks.

Topping the commercial section was a lovely 29kg heifer from Andrew Weston of Litton. She went to Messrs Docksey of Meerbrook at £1980.

British Friesians continue to sell exceptionally well at Leek with a Deangate Quentin daughter from Messrs Palfreyman of Monyash reaching £1840 to Messrs Minshull of Bosley.

Messrs Eason of Alfreton had a heifer to £1760 with a second from the same home at £1710.

The herd dispersal of Friesians and crossbreds on behalf of the Docksey family of Bagnall met a strong trade topping at £1560 and averaging a creditable £1052.

Yearling heifers from Messrs Redfern of Church Broughton sold well to top at £690 to average £682.

First Quality Heifers to £1980 av £1823

Second Quality Heifers to £1630 av £1488

Second Quality Cows to £1600 av £1454

Yearling Heifers to £690 av £682

Herd to £1560 av £1052

PIGS (97);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A pleasing entry and trade with butchers pigs up to 138p/kg for pork pigs from J & B Fentem & Sons with cutters to 150p/kg for a pen from Fentems with others to 149p/kg from the same home and 138p/kg for J Davenport.

Bacon pigs topped the market today at 164p/kg for a pen from Chris Hine of Biddulph. Other baconers sold to 156p/kg for A I Grace of Bradfield and 148p/kg for J & B Fentem & Sons with others at 142p/kg and 140p/kg.

Heavier pigs at 111p/kg sold up to 140p/kg with a 128kg gilt at 134p/kg.

Cull sows topped at 60p/kg for a 235kg sow from Steve Bailey and also for a 179kg sow from JS Charvill.

Top headage price was £97.98 for pork pigs, £125.63 for cutting pigs and £159.08 for bacon pigs. Heavier pigs achieved up to £177.62 and cull sows up to £141.

More weaner’s about this week seeing a top price of £30 for a pen from R B Tabbenor and £26 for Kate Turnock.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


A better entry saw a slip in trade nationally, which is hopefully a very short term blip, as it looked as trade had turned the corner last week.

Best lambs a strong trade to top at 206p/kg from David Elliott of Tideswell.

Best big lambs selling at £85 and above.

Sample prices include;

206p 41.5kg D M Elliott & Son, Tideswell

202p 41.3kg D M Elliott & Son, Tideswell

193p 43.7kg J Gilman & Partners, Bosley

190p 44.7kg P Bennett & Son, Macclesfield


A fair entry saw a mixed trade with Texel’s from Tony Gilman selling to £100. Stronger continentals selling £85 and over and best mules £75.

More strong ewes could be sold each week.

CALVES (168) & WEANLINGS (22);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A good turnout of 190 head with all shapes and sizes represented and buyers for all.

41 Continental Bulls av £267.95

Good calves a cracking price but a lot of the smaller sorts on offer, including some very small plain Limousins under £150. 15 best sorts topped £325 including 4 over £400 with Blues from DW & P Hulme at £415, from D Jolley at £412 and from Hallen Farming at £410, with Limousins at £400 from J Kirkham, Sutton. Medium calves £240 - £300.

19 Blues av £319 to £415 – DW & P Hulme, Basford

6 Sims av £279 to £360 – D Swinson, Rushton

12 Lims av £186 to £400 – J Kirkham, Sutton

4 Cha/Blo to £315 – DR & A Shuker, Bosley

41 Continental Heifers av £211.78

The best a good price with new and returning buyers helping to keep the calves dear. 14 better sorts topped £260 with a high of £340 for a Blue from Dale, representing Hallen Farming, Alfreton. Medium sorts £180 - £250 with 8 smalls under £150.

25 Blues av £203 to £340 – Hallen Farming, Alfreton

9 Sims av £234 to £280 – J Gould & Son, Cheddleton

6 Lims av £205 to £285 – J Kirkham, Sutton

1 Cha at £272 – D & G Tudor, Kingsley Moor

45 Native Hereford & Angus

Prices all over the place with some good calves at good prices but some very small calves look well bought. Angus sold to £280 for AJA Dilks, Shottle and Herefords to £245 for KW & AM Minshull, Bosley. Best of the heifers saw Herefords at £225 for P & H Botham, Calton.

41 Black & White Dairy Bulls av £85.70

Solid money with a tremendous British Friesian (best one I have seen in a long while!) at £290 from Messrs Beresford, Swythamley. Holsteins to £170 with Monty’s to £215. Processing calves generally £20 - £50 today.

22 Reared Calves from Three Vendors

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY and show what can be done wen calves are exceptionally well farmed. Nigel Moss, Meerbrook sold a super load of Blue bull and heifers (2 ½ - 3 ½ mths) that saw bulls at £500 and heifers at £445 with the entire entry averaging £434.



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