Leek Market Report for Tuesday 21st June 2016

A marked increase in the trade for dairy cattle with a number of new buyers seeing a top price of £1910 for a newly calved cow from JM & CM Wainwright of Buxton.

Calves were also in good demand with nearly 200 on offer again with a ring full of buyers seeing a top price of £392 for a Simmental bull from JW Bennison of Ipstones with Simmental heifers to £350 from JJ & PN Holdcroft & Son.

Barren cows had a lift in trade with a 995kg Limousin stock bull topping at 130p/kg with cull cows up to 124p/kg to average 94.41p/kg with a number of leaner cows on offer looking particularly well sold.

Clean cattle achieved up to 196p/kg and 194p/kg for two Limousin heifers.

Butchers lambs were dearer on the week to top at 217p/kg for Texel x and £101.40. more lambs are needed each week to satisfy growing demand from butchers and wholesalers who attend each week.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A decent entry and a much sharper trade with several strong cows selling for over 110p/kg.

Top price was 124p/kg paid for a 700kg Simmental cow from Keith Burton of Beamhurst with a 635kg Limousin exchanging hands for 120p/kg and a 735kg Longhorn from new vendors F Potter & Son of Yeaveley exchanging hands for 120p/kg also. An Angus cow from W James of Horton exchanged hands for 119p/kg.

Other top prices include;

118p 760kg Black & White – J & CA & DN Tomlinson

118p 655kg Blonde – K D Burton

114p 695kg Black & White – N E Goodwin & Son

113p 820kg Black & White – Woodward Partners

111.5p 700kg Black & White – F W & J F Brookes

110p 615kg Simmental – F Potter & Son

110p 785kg Black & White – R T Forrester

110p 755kg Black & White – J C & M E Moss

Plain cows looked particularly well sold with an overall average being 94.41p/kg and £608.51 per head.

top headage price was £926.60 for a 820kg Holstein from Woodward Partners with others at £896.80 and Longhorns to £882.00.

Stock bulls sold up to 130p/kg for a 995kg Limousin bull from F potter & Son to gross £1293.50 with a 690kg Simmental bull exchanging hands for 114p/kg.


Selling time – 10:30am approx

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry with a top price of 196p/kg for a 14 month old Blonde heifer from Keith Burton with 194p/kg being paid for a 550kg Limousin heifer from David Elliott, both being brought by Phillip Lymer of J W Ash Butchers of Leek.

A 550kg Angus heifer form Sigley Partnership of Consall achieved 174p/kg with a Montbeliarde heifer form Birchwood Park Farms selling for 169p/kg.

Bulls sold up to 168p/kg for a 610kg Simmental from AW Kennerley & Son and 156p/kg for a 595kg Blue from Peter Richardson of Ipstones.

Top headage price of £1067 for a Limousin heifer from David Elliott with bulls to £1024.80.


Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

***STOP PRESS***COWS TO £1910***HEIFERS TO £1830***

A RED HOT trade today at the Monthly Pedigree Sale saw both Cows and Heifers edging towards the £2000 mark.

54 Head from 23 Vendors met an absolutely packed ring of buyers who roared into the milkers from the start. Many were unable to get started and went away empty handed.

A superb cow from regular vendor Michael Wainwright of Buxton headed the day at £1910. Sternmoor Prodee Vicky 71 by Windy-Knoll-View Prodee had given 8702kg as a heifer. After spirited bidding the cow was eventually knocked down to W Bradbury & Son of High Needham at £1910.

Next in line at £1830 was a fantastic heifer from Andrew Weston of Litton. The Glen-Ann Palermo daughter boasted a 9720kg dam and giving 34kg went to Andrew Barnett of Hilderstone.

Right behind at £1820 was Havendale Prince Suzie 36 from Tom and Sue Flower of Hartington. She went to local purchaser Nigel Moss of Meerbrook.

British Friesians peaked at £1340 from Peter Southwell of Great Haywood with Ayrshires from Brian Coutts to £1220.

A mark of the improved trade saw heifers with faults to £1450.

More numbers required to satisfy the growing demand. For straight forward and practical advice contact Meg Elliott on 07967 007049.

***Remember NO ENTRY FEE for the fully catalogued sale with Payment ON THE DAY***


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


A small entry saw a strong trade which was much improved on the reports from centres yesterday and end of last week.

Multiple pens exceeding 200p/kg to see a top price of 217p/kg for 36.4kg lambs from Eddie Bloor of Endon. He was closely followed by Rob & Andy Williamson who again showed an excellent run of lambs to top at 214p/kg. Many more could have been sold to the vendor’s advantage.

Majority of meated lambs saw 190p and above. The top 10% sold to and average of 206.7p/kg with buyers hungry for more.

The commercial lambs also saw a strong enquiry to sell in the 170p – 190p bracket depending on weight and finish. Many more could be sold week on week.

Best big lambs grossed £101.40 from Shirley & Boam of Longnor with others at £100.70 from Craig Wint of Alton.

Sample prices include;

217p 36.4kg T J Bloor, Endon

208p 37.3kg D A J Burton, Ipstones

201p 32.5kg W L Brough, Bottomhouse

200p 35kg S A Hulme, Leek

214p 41.6kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

202p 42.5kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

200p 43.5kg D R & B A Cotton, Whiston

195p 52kg Shirley & Boam, Longnor

195p 47kg F G & J R Critchlow, Sheen

190p 53kg C M Wint, Alton


A very small entry, probably because of field work and shearing being today’s priority. A stronger trade overall with a top of £99 for cutting ewes from John Burton and Charolais crosses at £94 from Craig Wint.

Many more next week please!


A good entry of ewes and lambs saw plenty of bidders looking to eat some spare grass.

Top price of £192 for broken mouthed Texel’s with doubles with a run of 40 lives to average £61.50.

If you have sheep to sell, there are plenty of bidders.

CALVES (183);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)


Another super entry of calves from a far and wide area met a ring full of buyers looking to secure your calves.

63 Continental Bulls av £293.20

Fantastic numbers and trade with buyers for everything from the best to the worst. 18 best bulls sold over £340 with a high of £392 for a super Simmental form Jim Bennison, Ipstones. 25 mediums £290 - £330 looked well sold with smaller bulls £200 - £270.

25 Blues av £282 to £365 – B J & B W Brunt, Wincle

15 Sims av £304 to £392 – J W Bennison, Ipstones

22 Lims av £294 to £352 – C E Hine, Biddulph

1 Char to £370 – A Etches, Longnor

54 Continental Heifers av £269.29 (Up £35)

A wonderful trade for all calves with new buyers operating and lifting prices. 19 better heifers sold over £290 with a high of £350 for one of the best Simmental heifers I have seen for some time from Phillip Holdcroft, Brown Edge. 16 mediums £260 - £285 with younger sorts under £240. Only a couple of very plain heifers under £200.

26 Blues av £272 to £345 – G Clews, Biddulph

11 Sims av £284 to £350 – J J & P N Holdcroft

16 Lims av £251 to £308 – C E Hine, Biddulph

1 Char to £320 – A Etches, Longnor

25 Native Calves

Stronger Hereford bulls sold at £295 (Twice) for D H Moseley, Caverswall with fresh Angus bulls to £256 for GR & E Webster, Marston Montgomery. Heifers a good price with better Herefords to £185 for John Brookes, Crakemarsh.

36 Black & White bulls av £60

Best bulls still nicely over £100 with Sheila Hine’s pure Friesian at £170. Plenty of rearer’s £70 - £100. Processing calves £20 - £50

5 Angus Reared bulls 8 – 12 mths

These sold for £500 per head from IG Foster & son, Burton on Trent.




Entries close Friday 8th July 2016