Leek Market Report for Tuesday 2nd February 2016

A quieter day at Leek this week with another strong trade for Butchers lambs seeing a good company of wholesale and retail butchers and a top price of 212p/kg and £113.04 per head.

Barren cows were again well sold up to 130p/kg to average 83.2p/kg and more cows are needed each week. Clean cattle achieved up to 182p/kg and £1143.95.

A seasonal entry of calves with trade firmer on the week with new buyers in attendance seeing a top price of £430 for a British Blue bull and heifers to £360.

Dairy cattle were a similar trade with a top price of £1590 for both a newly calved heifer and newly calved cow.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A strong trade again, particularly for the plainer cows. Top price of the day was 130p/kg for a 475kg Limousin from J D Bradbury of Longnor with another Limousin at 460kg realising 129p/kg and again a 495kg Limousin at 126p/kg.

A 655kg British Blue from R Belfield of Upper Hulme achieved 117p/kg and a 760kg Holstein from E Morten & Sons of Barmoor Clough also achieving 117p/kg.

A 655kg British Blue cow from F Yates & Son of Longford achieved 106.5p/kg with a 785kg Brown Swiss beast exchanging hands for 100p/kg and a similar weight Holstein from Alcock Brothers also making 100p/kg.

Top headage price of the day was £889.20 for Holsteins with Brown Swiss cows up to £785 and other Holsteins up to £785. Overall average was 83.2p/kg.

An overage, non farm assured steer weighing 705kg achieved 118p/kg.


Selling time – 10:30am approx

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A shortage of quality cattle with the top price being 182p/kg for a 490kg British Blue heifer from Rob Belfield. A 530kg Limousin steer from JR Hall of Endon realised 177p/kg with a 590kg Limousin steer from the same vendor selling for 174p/kg.

A heavy British Blue heifer from David Elliott weighing 685kg achieved 167p/kg.

Young bulls sold up to 154p/kg for a 530kg beast. Top headage price of £1143.95 for a British Blue heifer with bulls up to £1023.75. Steers sold to £1026.60.


Selling time – 11:00am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Trade is reflecting the further downturn in milk price with both heifers and cows peaking at £1590.

Top priced heifer went to Stephen Robinson of Lough with Ray Turner topping the cows with a second calver.

Second Quality Heifers to £1590 av £1412

Second Quality Cows to £1590 av £1590


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

Not enough about but a wonderful trade for all on offer. Many more could be sold each week.

Top price today of 212p/kg for John & Gary Fryer of Horton for a tremendous pen of 43.6kg hoggs. With plenty more past the 200p/kg barrier. The top 20% of the lambs averaged 204.5p/kg from no fewer than 9 vendors. Quality lambs in demand all day!

Top headage price of £113.04 with 50.17kg lambs from George Torr of Bradnop selling at 204p/kg.

More lambs demanded every week. Don’t forget we pay on the day!

Sample Prices Include;

212p 43.6kg J & G Fryer, Horton

210p 41.75kg D M Elliott, Tideswell

210p 45.5kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

208p 41.17kg J Gilman & Partners, Bosley

206p 46.17 FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

204p 50.17kg GH & M Torr, Bradnop

169p 59kg AE & B Smith, Uttoxeter

163p 68kg D Goldstraw, Meerbrook


A similar entry saw a similar trade with meated ewes looking good value next to plainer sorts.

Top price of £100 for Texel rams from Arthur Langridge with rams averaging £81.20.

Ewes from Ron Tomkinson of Butterton sold to £78. Mules sold up to £68. Leaner sorts around £45 - £50 look the best sold in comparison. Overall average of £56.45.

CALVES (94);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

An excelling day in the calf shed with calves again dearer with averages up across the board with the heifers calves looking best sold.

40 Continental Bulls av £297.75 (Up £9)

Trade up again with a number of new farmer buyers operating, lifting levels. Top 14 bulls over £350 with a high of £430 for a cracking bule from G W Myatt, Endon with a trio from Red Earth Farms at £370 - £395. Mediums £280 - £340 with a few smaller bulls less.

26 Blues av £308 to £430 – GW Myatt, Endon

7 Sims av £279 to £380 – J & C Hudson, Wetton

5 Lims av £266 to £330 – JE Milner, Dilhorne

2 Char av £301 to £335 – D & G Tudor, Kingsley Moor

18 Continental Heifers av £276 (Up £70)

What a turnaround on the week with calves looking very dear, perhaps oen of the dearest ever! Half the heifers sold over £300 and a high of £360 for a Blue from Stanier & Carnwell, Cheadle. Medium heifers £250 - £300 with a few smallers sorts under £200

13 Blues av £287 to £360 – Stanier & Carnwell, Cheadle

2 Sims av £271 to £320 – KW & AM Minshull, Bosley

1 Lim to £340 – F Yates & Son, Longford

13 Native Hereford & Angus

Both Angus & Hereford bulls sold to £315 for GW Myatt and S Ryder respectively. Heifers topped at £252 for a Hereford from Rob Hall, Buxton.

23 Black & White Bulls av £85.60

Very dear with none going for processing today. Two best Freisians over £100 with £135 for John Brooks, Crakemarsh and £108 for John Hawkins. Medium rearers generally £65 - £85 with smalelr rearers around £50.



Entry of 512 Store and Breeding Cattle Including:

- 18 Suckler Cows & Heifers, Some with Calf at Foot

- 2 Stock Bulls

- 25 Young Bulls

- 454 Store Cattle



Entries Close Friday 5th February

To include in-lamb Shearlings, Ewes and Breeding Ewe lambs along with the usual sale of Store Lambs