Straw in the Swath Sale 2016

15th July 2016

Pipey Lane (The Concrete Road), Newborough, DE13 8SL - Weds 13th July 6pm

The sale itself was well attended and although prices this season were a little less than 2015, the sale was more successful than anticipated.

We sold about 1000 acres of wheat barley and oat straw in 49 lots to 23 different purchasers and prices for:

Wheat £25 – £38 acre

Spring Oats - £31 acre

Winter Barley - £30 - £42 acre

Prices reflected quality of crop, location and access of crop and the vendor’s ability to combine the crop at a fair level in decent weather.

We have a further sale of straw through South & Stubbs, Penkridge in the near future (contact Michael Williams, South & Stubbs).

Finally anyone involved in straw sales should bear in mind there is considerable anxiety over the spread of spray resistant blackgrass and it is important balers are cleaned out prior to arriving at baling fields. There is much research going in to methods of control including the use of burning (widely used in 1980’s and 1990’s but subsequently banned).