Bagshaws was established in 1871, at a time when many auctioneering businesses were founded. This was largely as a result of the repeal of a 5% tax on livestock sold by auction, elsewhere than on the farm. Coupled with the rapid expansion of the railways, a network of markets rapidly developed, with Bagshaws becoming prominent players in the Midlands.

Alongside the livestock sales, the business encompassed all aspects of valuations and sales for both landlords and tenants, with farms changing hands more frequently than is the case today.

The period between the World Wars was a time of enormous change and Bagshaws sold a great deal of property as landed estates were broken up and in many cases the farms sold to the tenants.

Several generations of the Bagshaws family were involved in the business, with the last one retiring in the 1960s, since which time, the firm has remained as a Partnership.

Over all that time, Bagshaws has served the farming and landowning community and has been trusted by farmers to make the very best price of their stock at livestock markets throughout Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

On the back of satisfying livestock farmers, a very demanding body of clients, the business has developed and expanded into other areas of agency and professional practice. In very recent years there has been considerable expansion with the acquisition of South and Stubbs and Heather Stern, creating a new Bagshaws office in Penkridge and in 2019, the merger with Bury and Hilton, adding offices in Leek and Buxton to the firm.

Over the years, Bagshaws has helped its clients with all manner of tasks, from multi-million pound property transactions, to the sale of a trio of porcupines, when a wildlife park was dispersed and with the requirements of most of its clients falling somewhere between those extremes, they are ideally placed to continue to provide the services for which the firm is renowned.

The oldest of the staff and Partners have been with the firm for over 40 years. Young and old alike we have both experience and innovation in abundance.

Change is in the air as never before and with this finely blended combination of ancient and modern Bagshaws is ideally equipped to serve their extensive client base with an up to date service founded on traditional values.

Bagshaws, its Partners and staff are rightly proud of our distinguished heritage and enjoyed celebrating our 150 year anniversary in 2021.