Professional Services

Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are called upon to help resolve disputes between parties on land and property related matters.

In full compliance with strict mandatory guidelines from the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and the Civil Procedures Rules or Family Procedures Rules, we can offer testimony on a number of rural and property concerns including:

  • Land, property and livestock values
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Matrimonial disputes

We are instructed as an expert in the preparation of a case, for a Court, Tribunal or a mediation hearing, or more commonly as a Single Joint Expert between the litigant parties.  The duty of an expert witness is to the tribunal to set out the facts and give truthful, impartial and independent opinions on all relevant matters.  The objective of a tribunal appointing a Single Joint Expert is for each case to be dealt with judicially according to the circumstances, so that all the parties are on an equal footing and costs are minimised, at the same time ensuring all matters are dealt with fully.