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Bagshaws Supporting Local Teams!

Bagshaws LLP is thrilled to sponsor local sports teams, fostering community spirit and active lifestyles. Last year, we supported a talented local netball team, and this year, we’re backing a dynamic football team. We’re committed to empowering our community through sports and teamwork.

Bagshaws contribute to the sponsorship of the Ashbourne Aztecs (junior ladies). The U18 team includes Evie Elliott, daughter of Meg and Mark Elliott (Livestock auctioneer and Partner, respectively) who won the player of the season award for the U16 team last season. Alice, daughter of Paul Barnett (Ashbourne Estate Agency), won player of the year for the U14 team, and Evie, daughter of Rob Frith (a valued member of our market team) who also plays in the U14 team, won coach’s player of the year.

Bagshaws’ offspring were well represented within the Ashbourne Aztecs! Go Girls!! ⚽🏐

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