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Countryside Stewardship Schemes – Increases in Payment Rates

Defra has reviewed, and in many cases increased, payment rates for Countryside Stewardship revenue and capital options.

This applies to new and existing Countryside Stewardship revenue agreement holders and Capital Grant agreements applied for after 5th January 2023.

Examples of the increases in capital payment rates include:

Dry stone wall restoration£25/m£31.91/m
Top wiring£3.60/m£5.54/m
Sheep netting£4.90/m£7.47/m
Concrete yard renewal£27.14/m2£33.64/m
Hedgerow laying£9.40/m£13.52/m
Livestock drinking troughs£110/trough£152.92/trough
Permanent grassland with very low input (outside SDA’s)£132/ha£151/ha
Permanent grassland with very low input (inside SDA’s)£71/ha£98/ha
Legume and herb-rich sward£358/ha£382/ha
Wholecrop cereals£554/ha£584/ha

If you would like to apply for a Countryside Stewardship or Capital Grant Scheme and need some help, contact the Farm Office Services Team on 01629 812777