Property and Land Auctions

Bakewell Land & Property Auction – July

This auction was held on Monday 24th July.

Bakewell Property Auction Report – 24th July 2023

Some remarkable results – Over £1.45m realised

The conference room at the Agricultural Business Centre was fit to burst when the auction got underway, with sixteen lots to be offered under the hammer.

The prices achieved were almost universally strong, again demonstrating the value of auction for the right properties.

By way of summary:

  • 4.08 acres of grassland off Forest Lane, Little Hucklow £66,000 (£16,176/ac)
  • 4.77 acres of grassland off Foxholes Lane, Tansley £93,000 (£19,497/ac)
  • 3.32 acres of hill land off Alton Lane, Alton £35,000 (£10,542/ac)
  • 2.7 acres of grassland off Park Road, Hadfield £64,000 (£23,704/ac)
  • 1.08 acres of grassland off Stanedge Road, Bakewell £54,000 (£50,000/ac)
  • Lot A: 6.2 acres of grassland off Sandyford Lane, Shottle £77,000 (£12,419/ac)
  • Lot B: 10.3 acres of grassland off Sandyford Lane, Shottle £100,000 (£9,909/ac)
  • Lot C: 12.00 acres of grassland off Sandyford Lane, Shottle £144,000 (£12,000/ac)
  • 11.39 acres of grassland off Blakemere Road, Bonsall Not Sold
  • Equestrian facility with 2 acres at Ogston £140,000
  • 0.38 acres of woodlands at Plank Gate, Wortley £9,000 (£23,684/ac)
  • 28 Firth Street, Leek Postponed until September
  • 13.85 acres of grassland at Yeavley, Ashbourne £158,000 (£11,408/ac)
  • Brierlow Bar Woodland, Buxton                                                                 Postponed until September
  • 24.5 acres of grassland off Glossop Road, Chunal Not Sold
  • 7.95 acres of grassland off Heage Road. Ripley Not Sold
  • The Cottage, Ednaston £512,000
  • Oulds Barn, Alsop En Le Dale Not Sold

Land off Blakemere Road, Glossop Road, Heage Road and Oulds Barn in Alsop En Le Dale remain available at the time of writing.

The property on Firth Street in Leek, and Brierlow Bar Woodland in Buxton was deferred until our next auction on the 25th of September 2023.

The market for agricultural land and woodland is currently very strong, with agricultural and non -agricultural buyers being active participants. Should you require any advice upon the purchase or sale of any rural property, do please get in touch with us.