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Bakewell Market Orange Sale for TB restricted cattle 29-10-2021


Orange Sale”

Sale of TB restricted cattle – Friday 29th October 2021


The third in the series of TB restricted Orange sales and the first this Autumn was held at Bakewell today.  All cattle have to go to an Approved Finishing Unit (AFU) or direct to slaughter.

It is hoped that the sale can become a monthly event for farms shut down with TB as a means of selling Store Cattle in an open and competitive fashion.

A ring of buyers gathered at ringside, all with the necessary AFU and bid freely for all the cattle.  The trade for the bigger cattle is very similar to a regular Monday, although some smaller and younger cattle look a little less

Sample Prices:


£800 B Blue (6) 12-13 mnths T Neville, Tansley
£750 AA 13 mnths T Neville, Tansley
£785 B Blue (3) 14 mnths A & JE Goldstraw, Waterhouses
£1000 Hfd (2) 16-17 mnths CH & AJ Beresford, Cheddleton
£910 Hfd 18 mnths J Taylor, Bonsall
£1160 Lim 18 mnths S White, Tissington
£1045 Char (4) 17 mnths S White, Tissington



£800 B Blue (6) 13-14 mnths T Neville, Tansley
£740 Sim 13 mnths A & JE Goldstraw, Waterhouses
£1000 Hfd 27 mnths CH & AJ Beresford, Cheddleton
£840 Hfd 19 mnths J Taylor, Bonsall


The next sale will be held on Friday 17th December

For any enquiries, please contact the auctioneer

Oliver Hiles on 07801 530899.




Oliver Hiles

Market Associate