Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Report 11-04-2023



A better turnout than usual for the Tuesday market following the Easter break with 172 cattle and 1,054 sheep on offer.


It is worth pointing out that for the first two Bank Holidays in May we will be operating MONDAY Markets.

Monday 1st May – Open as usual

Monday 8th May – Open as usual


There were plenty of buyers on parade to ensure a strong trade in all departments.


The store & breeding cattle section attracted 110 head, a very varied selection, but there were buyers present for all types and steers reached £1,310 and heifers £1,270.


In the finished cattle ring, there was a decent sample of 30 head with top figures 314p/kg and £2,137 per head.

The average for the 18 heifers was a healthy 274.6p.


Just 27 OTM cattle on offer with top figures 220p/kg and £1,650 per head.

The average looked good at 186.1p.


Only a handful of calves with bulls to £275 and heifers £200.


In the sheep section things were very buoyant.

Spring lambs sold to 426p and £165.60 per head with the SQQ at 421p.

There was plenty of trade for the 812 Hoggs selling to 340p and £165.50 with the SQQ hitting 306.4p.

There was also great demand for the 237 cull sheep with ewes to £207 to average a remarkable £117.76.


Thursday 13TH April: Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale



27 Barren, OTM and Feeding Cows overall average 186.1p/kg

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)                    

A nice show for a Bank Holiday market and a good line up of buyers for the cows.  6 sold over 200p/kg and a high of 220p/kg for Lim x Hfd for Redgate farms, Brinsley.  Friesians sold to 206p.



220p/kg £1650 Lim, 12 yrs Redgate Farms, Brinsley
212p/kg £1441 Hfd, 7 yrs ID & J Hammersley, Offcote
211p/kg £1430 Mont, 8 yrs Furness & Taylor, Wormhill
210p/kg £1411 Sim, 12 yrs Poplars Farming, Hatton
206p/kg   Fries, 31 mnths RE Archer Farms, Bradley
203p/kg £1632 Lim, 14yrs Redgate Farms, Brinsley
199p/kg £1110 Fries, 5 yrs RE Archer Farms, Bradley



30 FINISHED CATTLE – overall average 273.6p/kg

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

A handy show and a solid trade, very much in line with the regular Monday Market


10 Steers ave 281.6p/kg


307p/kg £2063 B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
296p/kg £2137 Lim Moor Farmers, Flagg
296p/kg £2083 Lim Moor Farmers, Flagg
287p/kg £1945 B Blue RJ Shacklock, Notts


18 Heifers ave 274.6p/kg


314p/kg £1896 B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
312p/kg £1822 Blonde K Harrop, Alport
304p/kg £1751 B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
300p/kg £1800 B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
296p/kg £1900 Lim D Hadfield & Daughter, Tideswell
294p/kg £1699 B Blue Thorp Farms Ltd, Baslow
292p/kg £1763 S Horn Thorp Farms Ltd, Baslow


STORE & BREEDING CATTLE – (Auctioneer Alastair Sneddon)

Only 110 head for the Tuesday market, but vendors were clearly satisfied with the results.



Sample Results:

£700 Sim 7-11 mnths RM Wheat, Smallwood
£650 B Blue x 12 mnths SG Salt & Son, Hanbury
£940 Lim x 18 mnths DG Allen, Smalley
£920 B Blue x 10 mnths DG Allen, Smalley
£1160 Lim x 22-24 mnths DG Allen, Smalley
£940 B Blue x 12 mnths A & L Worthington, Marthall
£1170 Hfd x 20 mnths Scott & Curley, Hulland
£1120 B Blue x 20-25 mnths D Poole & Son, Flagg
£1300 B Blue x 24 mnths JG & JM Belfield, Sheen
£1120 Angus x 22 mnths JG & JM Belfield, Sheen
£900 S Horn x 10 mnths B Ainley, Mercaston
£1310 Angus x 26 mnths J Brough & Son, Rudyard


Feeding Bulls

Sample Results:

£780 Lim x 7 mnths D Leason, Sudbury
£780 Lim x 6-7 mnths D Leason, Sudbury



Sample Results:

£690 Angus x 9 mnths J Cawser, Marchington
£1150 Sim x 20 mnths A & L Worthington, Marthall
£880 Sim x 17 mnths JL & NT & ML Walker, Brightgate
£820 Hfd x 20 mnths Scott & Curley, Hulland
£1120 B Blue x 29 mnths D Poole & Son, Flagg
£1230 Lim x 28 mnths D Leason, Sudbury
£1030 Char x 18-19 mnths D Leason, Sudbury
£765 S Horn x 11-12 mnths B Ainley, Mercaston
£980 Lim x 24-25 mnths AP Pugh, Pilsley
£1270 Angus x 28 mnths J Brough & Son, Rudyard


CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

Light on numbers but those forward looking well sold with B Blue bulls from Pidcock & Matkin to £275 and B Blue heifers from Hudsons at Ipstones to £200.


817 Lambs & 237 Ewes & Rams (Auctioneer Peter Oven)

A very good entry of 1054 head of sheep for a Tuesday market included 817 lambs.  Just 5 Spring lambs within the entry saw best to 426p/kg to average 421p/kg with a top gross of £165.60.

The 812 Old Season lambs saw demand the best seen in over 12 months with 16 pens over £150/head.

Best butchers lambs sold to 340p/kg with heavyweight butchers lambs to 330p/kg and overweights to 302p/kg, but the best trade of the day would have been handier weight Mules at 292p/kg (£126.20/head). The overall market average 306.48p/kg which included some plain sorts.


Leading Prices: –

32.0kg 308p/kg S Bradbury, Tideswell
34.0kg 306p/kg K Hodgson, Eyam
35.0kg 330p/kg A Holden, Pilsley
36.0kg 304p/kg R & GR Webster, Fenny Bentley
37.7kg 324p/kg A Holden, Pilsley
40.2kg 328p/kg J & J Spillane, Fairfield
40.4kg 326p/kg T Hodgkinson & Sons, Cutthorpe
41.0kg 325p/kg JM & CE Shardlow, Trusley
42.9kg 328p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
43.0kg 323p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
44.8kg 340p/kg R Wartig, Sheffield
45.3kg 330p/kg T Hodgkinson & Sons, Cutthorpe
46.6kg 318p/kg AB Bowler, Ashleyhay
48.2kg 330p/kg M Pickford, Leek
54.8kg 302p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
57.0kg 290p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn


Lights To 308p/kg  
Standard To 330p/kg Average 301.63p/kg
Medium To 340p/kg Average 311.38p/kg
Heavy To 330p/kg Average 294.26p/kg
Overweight To 302p/kg Average 274.18p/kg


Cull Sheep

Just 237 cull ewes and rams with demand very brisk for all types with prices up almost £20/head on recent weeks.  Best heavy Texels to £207 with Mules to £120 and Cheviot Mule to £158.


Ewes to £207                Ave £117.76

Rams to £147              




Alastair Sneddon

Senior partner

Livestock, auctioneering and professional services

Oliver Hiles

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate