Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Report 29-08-2023



Smaller entries as expected for the Tuesday Market following the Bank Holiday weekend.

Only 133 cattle, but a decent turnout of 851 sheep.

Many of the regular buyers present or represented and prices generally much as last week.


Only a handful of store cattle with no particular highlights, but those cattle that were forward were all sold at acceptable prices.


35 finished cattle forward with some very mixed quality in the entry.

Top figures 285p and £2,069 per head.


In the OTM department there were 28 forward with top figures 199p/kg.  The average looked good at 162.0p.


A surprising entry of 45 calves attracted plenty of interest and saw bulls to £405 and heifers £380.


In the sheep section there was a useful entry of 738 lambs.  These sold on a brisk trade with the best on offer to 307p and £140.14.

The SQQ average emerged at a respectable 258.9 pence.


Only a small offering of 120 cull sheep with ewes to £152 and the average for a mixed sample at £85.30




Thursday 31st August: Regular Lunchtime Sheep Sale

Friday 1st September: Theaves & Ewes Show & Sale

Saturday 2nd September: Grindley Collective Machinery Sale, Nr Stafford, ST18 0LS

Wednesday 6th September: Farm Sale, Stubby Leas Farm, Elford, Tamworth, WS13 8PT

Friday 8th September: Farm Sale, Park House Farm, Haughton, ST18 9JH


New TB Rules starting 1st August


Please do not worry yourselves about the changes.  Most people will not have to do anything different except to supply us with a little extra information.


The new rules will be in place next Monday and we need everyone selling cattle & calves to tell us their Parish TB Testing Interval by ticking the box on the entry form. Just to confuse things, this might be different from the actual TB testing interval on your particular holding.

It is easy to check this on-line using the TB Hub – Parish testing interval checker.


In simpler terms:


All Staffordshire is 6 months

All Cheshire is 6 months

All Nottinghamshire is 12 months

All Leicestershire is 12 months


Where there is most confusion is in Derbyshire which is split between 6 months and 12 months.


The Ministry have not been able to provide us with a map showing the border.


When you enter your store cattle in future, please supply your county and parish holding number and we can check for you and provide the information to buyers on the Early Warning List.


Whilst the new rules look complicated, they will only affect a few buyers from the 12-month edge areas.  For everyone else there will be no change other than the need for us to display the information at the time of sale.


If you have any questions about all this just ring us at Bakewell and we will explain the changes and check your parish interval for you.


Bakewell Market Office on 01629 812777

Alastair Sneddon on 07973 982441



28 Barren, OTM and Feeding Cows overall average 160.6p/kg or £1019

(Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)                       

An excellent entry and trade to match for a Tuesday sale with a full line up of buyers.  All commodities in strong demand and many more could have been sold to vendors’ advantage.



199p/kg Angus S Boam, Flagg
188p/kg Lim O Black, Somerby
173p/kg Lim LG Parkin, Unstone
171p/kg B Blue O Black, Somerby
171p/kg Hfd SL Holland & Son, Birchover
166p/kg Lim O Black, Somerby
163p/kg Char O Black, Somerby
150p/kg Holst GS & L Wheeldon, Atlow


 OTM Bulls

197p/kg Gall O Black, Somerby
185p/kg B Blue R Cottrill, Bamford
173p/kg Hfd O Black, Somerby



(Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)


4 Young Bulls ave 244.62p/kg

Strong demand for all to a top of 249p/kg.



249p/kg B Blue Mosley & Son, Wormhill
248p/kg B Blue Mosley & Son, Wormhill


14 Steers ave 256.53p/kg

A respectable entry for a Tuesday sale with well finished types commanding a significant premium with top prices of 285p/kg and £2069 per head.


Results: AA N & SL Brocklehurst, Ashford
285p/kg AA N & SL Brocklehurst, Ashford
270p/kg Hfd MR Walker, Alport
258p/kg Sim JW Dawes, Coal Aston
249p/kg Hfd S Boam, Flagg


17 Heifers ave 247.60p/kg

A similar story as the steers with tops of 279p/kg and £1722 per head.



270p/kg Hfd MR Walker, Alport
258p/kg Sim JW Dawes & Son, Coal Aston
257p/kg Angus H Andrew & Co, Dungworth
256p/kg Char JW Dawes & Son, Coal Aston
254p/kg Lim P Watson, Ashover


STORE & BREEDING CATTLE – (Auctioneer Alastair Sneddon)

A very modest entry of 25 store cattle sold on a satisfactory trade with prices on a par with last week.



Sample Results:

£870 Lim x 26 mnths Mrs C Clamp, Newhall



Sample Results:

£670 B Blue x 11 mnths W Fordward, Combs
£930 Lim x 20-24 mnths JG & JM Belfield, Sheen
£860 Sim x 21 mnths SP & H Ratcliffe, Ipstones


45 CALVES (Auctioneer Peter Oven)

A good Bank Holiday entry of 45 calves sold on a brisk trade with buyers for all types.



B Blue                 £278     TN Palfreyman


B Blue                 £380     AE & E Bowler

L Horn                £95        T Farrington & Sons


In the reared section


Hfd Steers to £270

Hfd Hfrs to £275

Blue Strs to £410

S Horn Str to £118


754 Lambs & 120 Ewes & Rams (Auctioneer Peter Oven)

A very good entry of 874 sheep included 754 lambs.  Best meated sorts remained a very good trade throughout with butchers lambs to 307p/kg and heavy weights to 286p/kg.  Overall average 258.92p/kg.


Leading Prices: –

35.0kg 278p/kg JR Davies, Hope
37.5kg 280p/kg CJ Stone, Fairfield
39.0kg 275p/kg G Pearson, Peak Forest
40.1kg 289p/kg M Gregory, Peak Forest
40.6kg 292p/kg M Gregory, Peak Forest
42.0kg 294p/kg LR & MJ Lowe, Hulme End
42.2kg 297p/kg N & S Pearson, Peak Forest
43.5kg 307p/kg LR & MJ Lowe, Hulme End
43.7kg 299p/kg LR & MJ Lowe, Hulme End
46.8kg 274p/kg D Hadfield & Daughter, Tideswell
47.2kg 274p/kg D Hadfield & Daughter, Tideswell
49.0kg 286p/kg M Gregory, Peak Forest



Standard To 280p/kg Average 249.77p/kg
Medium To 307p/kg Average 260.5p/kg
Heavy To 286p/kg Average 251.95p/kg
Overweight To 251p/kg Average 241.42p/kg


120 Cull Sheep

Just 120 cull ewes & rams saw best types in short supply with ewes to a top of £152 for Texels from Miss Jessica Easom, Wessington and Mules to £90.


Ewes to £152                Ave £85.30

Rams to £140               Ave £116.00





Alastair Sneddon

Senior partner

Livestock, auctioneering and professional services

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate