Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Report 02-04-2024

Small entries as expected for the Easter Tuesday market, but plenty of buying power in operation for the limited number of stock on offer.


Recent price levels were maintained for the 77 Store Cattle with 21-month-old Angus Steers topping the sale at £1,920.

Lim x Steers at 16 months made £1,280 and Heifers of the same age made £1,090.

Amongst the younger cattle 9-month-old Hereford x Steers made £740 with 11-month-old Hereford x Heifers £830.


Some 43 head in the Finished cattle ring with top figures 321p/kg and £2,210 per head.

The 11 Steers averaged 289.4p and a hefty £1,888 per head.


OTM cattle thin on the ground with only 17 forward.  Top figures 238p/kg and £1,504 with the average looking good at 171.5p.


A handful of Calves included bulls to £450 and heifers £280.


Over in the sheep shed there was a total of 690 on offer.

Trade remains very strong with hoggs to 457p/kg and an astonishing £225.77 per head.

In the 39-45 kg weight range the average price per head was a remarkable £171.76.

The SQQ average looked good at 390.5p.

167 cull sheep with the best ewes to £218 to average £119.26.


Back to business-as-usual next week on Monday 8th April with several substantial of store cattle already on the books.



The concession for farmer declarations expires on 12th April unless you are Farm Assured or have a VAN number some buyers may not be able to purchase your stock.







Thursday 4th April: Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale

See our Facebook page for details of special entries


Friday 5th April: Farm Sale at Melbourne Farm, Bakewell

Friday 12th April: Farm Sale at Overfield Farm, Tissington

17 BARREN, OTM AND FEEDING COWS overall average 171.5p/kg or £1,103

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)     

Just small number but no let up in trade with cattle very similar to last week.



238p/kg 632kg AA, 31 mnths SF Oldfield & Son, Carsington
224p/kg 590kg AA, 36 mnths PJ Brown, Plaistow Green
186p/kg 742kg Hfd, 7 yrs EMF Penrose, Baslow
182p/kg 750kg Hfd, 7 yrs EMF Penrose, Baslow
180p/kg 634kg B Blue x, 4 yrs Hazledine Farms, Watnal
174p/kg 728kg Fries, 10 yrs DRH Agri, Poynton
170p/kg 676kg Lim, 10 yrs MWM Barton, Derby


Gross Prices:

238p/kg £1504 AA, 31 mnths SF Oldfield & Son, Carsington


2 OTM Steers

227p/kg £1407 Hfd, 33 mnths F Mycock & Son, Wormhill


43 FINISHED CATTLE ave 277.2p/kg

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

Good numbers for the Bank Holiday market with plenty of buying support on hand.


2 Young Bulls



272p/kg £1496 Lim, 550kg C Beever, Alport  

11 Steers ave 289.5p/kg

Trade very much up to the mark of last week.


312p/kg 662kg B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
312p/kg 626kg B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
312p/kg 616kg Blonde x K Harrop, Alport
300p/kg 692kg Lim JH Byard, Pilsley
300p/kg 694kg Lim JH Byard, Pilsley
294p/kg 752kg Lim JH Byard, Pilsley


Gross Prices:

£2065 662kg B Blue x K Harrop, Alport


30 Heifers ave 273.2p/kg

All the better sorts over £3 and up to 321p/kg for a posh heifer from Hazledine Farms, Watnall.



321p/kg 550kg Lim Hazledine Farms, Watnall
320p/kg 634kg B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
320p/kg 570kg Lim K Harrop, Alport
318p/kg 612kg Lim H & G Hollinshead, Lichfield
314p/kg 556kg Lim Hazledine Farms, Watnall
308p/kg 604kg Lim H & G Hollinshead, Lichfield
304p/kg 610kg Blonde x K Harrop, Alport
302p/kg 638kg Char Hazledine Farms, Watnall
300p/kg 630kg Blonde x RE & D & D Priestley, Castleton
300p/kg 656kg Lim H & G Hollinshead, Lichfield
296p/kg 676kg Lim Moor Farmers, Flagg


Gross Prices:

£1765 Lim 550kg Hazledine Farms, Watnall

To sell Barren Cows or Finished Cattle in the Prime ring at Bakewell you need to be either:


  1. Farm Assured
  2. Have a VAN number from your vet



Best Advice:

Get a VAN number now if you are not Farm Assured

For any further information speak to Oliver on 07801 530899


10 CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

A small Tuesday entry with trade strong for all on offer.

Strong B Blue bulls to £450 with heifers to £280 and a ringside of potential purchasers.



B Blue  £450     E Mellor, Over Haddon

B Blue  £435     E Mellor, Over Haddon


B Blue £280      JF Hayes, Shottle

Lim       £260     JF Hayes, Shottle


523 HOGGS & 167 EWES & RAMS (Auctioneers Peter Oven & Mark Elliott)

A Bank Holiday entry of 690 sheep included 523 hoggs.  The well fleshed off keep attracted very brisk bidding with a top of 457p/kg for heavy weight butchers lambs with overweights to 422p/kg.  Top gross of £225.77/head.  The overall market average 390.53p/kg and £178.53.


Leading Prices: –

37.7kg 398p/kg E & A Cork, Hazelwood
43.7kg 412p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
44.0kg 420p/kg A Wildgoose, Scarcliffe
44.7kg 415p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
45.0kg 412p/kg D & A Dickinson, Bradbourne
46.5kg 422p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
47.8kg 428p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
48.4kg 457p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
50.0kg 447p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
50.5kg 404p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
53.5kg 422p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn
55.0kg 408p/kg R Swift & Sons, Little Onn



Standard To 398p/kg Average 370.86p/kg
Medium To 420p/kg Average 393.99p/kg
Heavy To 457p/kg Average 397.39p/kg
Overweight To 422p/kg Average 374.37p/kg


167 Cull Sheep

Just 167 cull sheep saw demand very brisk for all types with best Texel ewes to £205, Mules to £124, Gritstone to £128 and Swales to £68.

Texel rams to £195 and Char to £218.


Ewes to £205                Ave £117.98

Rams to £218                Ave £153.67





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