Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Report 28-03-2022


Monday 28th March 2022


A smaller market with only 524 cattle and1,336 sheep on offer, with many farmers on lambing duty or taking advantage of the weather to attend to field work.

Store cattle numbers well down at 276 resulting in a very strong trade.

Steers to £1,530, Heifers, £1,600 and Feeding Bulls £1,130.


More Store Cattle are needed to satisfy demand and to give our regular buyers the chance to assemble a load.  If you have some to bring – speak to Alastair Sneddon on 07971 982441.


126 Finished cattle forward and again very dear with the best to 323p and £1,924.  The 54 Heifers averaged a remarkable 262p.


OTM numbers under pressure with only 80 animals on offer and trade breaking all previous records.

Top figures 230p and £2010 per head.  The average an astonishing 179.5p.


42 Calves this week with Bulls to £420 and Heifers £310.


In the sheep department there were 19 Spring lambs selling to top figures of 366p and £152.84 per head.  The SQQ average emerged at a healthy 276.3p.

Finally, in the cull sheep section there were 437 head with ewes to £248 and what must be a record average.



Thursday 31st March:  Regular Lunchtime Sheep Market

Friday 1st April: Bakewell Market Orange Sale for TB restricted cattle, contact Oliver Hiles on 07801 530899 for further details.



Saturday 2nd April: Barms Farm, Buxton

Friday 29th April:  The Annual Darley Moor Machinery Sale





80 Barren, OTM and Feeding Cows Overall Average 179.6p or £1232.73

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

Up 15 ½ p or £105 on the week



A completely different level of trade today as we thought that they were dear for the last couple of weeks, but just look at todays results.  18 cows over £2/kilo with a joint top of 230p for X bred Lims from Messrs Heath and Messrs Grummett.

When the price is moving this fast the only way to sell your old cows is on their legs and in Bakewell Livestock Market.


Sample Results:

230p/kg 770kg Lim, 4yrs Hazelwood Hall Farm, Hazelwood
230p/kg 576kg Lim, 5yrs LM & D Grummett, Smisby
226p/kg 758kg Lim, 4yrs J Simpson, Bradwell
224p/kg 662kg Lim, 11yrs JA Godber, Duffield
222p/kg 756kg Char, 7yrs GE Stephens, Bradley
220p/kg 654kg Lim, 4yrs J Simpson, Bradwell
218p/kg 582kg Lim, 7yrs LM & D Grummett, Smisby
216p/kg 638kg Char, 6yrs Meadow Place Farms, Youlgreave
216p/kg 728kg Hfd, 34 mnths Wheeldon Farms, Taddington
213p/kg 566kg Stab, 3yrs S & LJ Dyson, Hollow Meadows
213p/kg 898kg Lim, 10yrs Hazelwood Hall Farm, Hazelwood
212p/kg 628kg B Blue x, 3yrs JA Godber, Derby
212p/kg 768kg B Blue, 3yrs MJ Burnett & Son, Rowsley
211p/kg 536kg Lim, 3yrs J Bonsall, Atlow
210p/kg 748kg Lim, 7 ½ yrs LG Parkin, Dronfield
206p/kg 732kg Lim, 7 ½ yrs CM Allen, Holloway
204p/kg 760kg Lim, 10yrs SF Oldfield & Son, Carsington
203p/kg 808kg Lim, 4yrs CM Allen, Holloway


And Gross Prices:

£1912.74 898kg Lim Hazelwood Hall Farm, Hazelwood
£1771.00 770kg Lim Hazelwood Hall Farm, Hazelwood
£1713.08 758kg Lim J Simpson, Bradwell
£1678.32 756kg Char GE Stephens, Bradley
£1640.24 808kg Lim CM Allen, Holloway
£1628.16 768kg  B Blue x MJ Burnett & Son, Rowsley
£1572.48 728kg Hfd Wheeldon Farms, Taddington
£1571.76 888kg Holst VH Mellor, Chelmorten
£1570.80 748kg Lim LG Parkin, Dronfield
£1550.40 760kg Lim SF Oldfield & Son, Carsington


32 Black & White and ex-dairy cows Ave 165.6p/kg

More unbelievable than ever!

1 OTM Heifer – 198p

12 Fed Cows – 177-192p

Leaner Parlour Holsteins – 160-170p

Plain Cows generally – 130-150p


The best Today

198p/kg £1338 Fries, 30 mnths P Furness, Monyash
192p/kg £1505 Holst, 5yrs GW & WL Neville, Tansley
191p/kg £1363 Fries, 5yrs L Hadfield & Sons, Peak Forest
191p/kg £1451 Fries, 7yrs RS & EJ Longden, Chinley
191p/kg £1317 Fries, 8yrs Moor Farmers, Flagg
187p/kg £1428 Holst, 7yrs GW & WL Neville, Tansley
187p/kg £1271 B Swiss, 11yrs S & D Fearn, Wardlow Mires
187p/kg £1189 B Swiss, 6yrs DW & LK Mycock, Over Haddon
186p/kg £1302 Fries, 8yrs RS & EJ Longden, Chinley
183p/kg £1387 Holst, 9yrs P Furness, Monyash
177p/kg £1316 Holst, 4yrs W Bradbury, Earl Sterndale
177p/kg £1571 Holst, 6yrs VH Mellor, Chelmorten
177p/kg £1203 Ayr, 6yrs JD & B Broadley, Hartington


6 OTM Bulls

178p/kg £1794 Lim, 4yrs D Hadfield & Daughter, Tideswell
175p/kg £1589 AA, 3yrs A & DT Gregory, Litton
172p/kg £1788 Hfd, 7yrs D Fotherby & Sons, Wormhill


126 FINISHED CATTLE – overall average 247.3p

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

44 vendors selling on another record trade to 21 buying accounts at ringside.  This really is the finest time to sell cattle and surely the only way to get the best price is to sell them on their legs at Bakewell.


31 Finished Bulls ave 219.6p

14 Continentals and 16 Dairy Bulls sold on a very fast trade, but no best bulls on offer today.  Well done Char sold at 245p and well fed Lims at 241p.  7 Dairy Shorthorns sold from 200-230p, 3 Friesian from 208-216p and 6 Holstein from 188 – 220p.


Sample Results:

245p/kg 662kg Char L Marshall & J Boam, Monyash
241p/kg 670kg Lim J Watson, Ashover
239p/kg 672kg Lim RW Valle, Summerly
238p/kg 732kg Lim JT Ottewell, Calow
237p/kg 544kg B Blue x C Beever, Alport
235p/kg 800kg B Blue x JT Ottewell, Calow
230p/kg 530kg S Horn J Hole & Sons, Ashover


And Gross Prices:

£1880.00 800kg B Blue x JT Ottewell, Calow
£1742.16 732kg Lim JT Ottewell, Calow
£1722.12 762kg Lim Willetts & Sons, Stanley
£1648.64 736kg Lim Willetts & Sons, Stanley
£1621.90 662kg Char L Marshall & J Boam, Monyash
£1614.70 670kg Lim J Watson, Ashover
£1606.08 672kg Lim RW Valle, Summerley


41 Steers – overall average 249.3p

Up 8 pence on the week with a full line up of buyers in the clean section.  5 best Lims sold over 282p with a high of 290p for Messrs Mann.  Heavy weights from John Grummett sold at 288p (£1814) 7 Angus to 260p, 1 pure B Galloway at 252p and 4 B/W’s to 229p.


Sample Results:

290p/kg 468kg Lim JM & B Mann, Bakewell
288p/kg 630kg Lim LM & D Grummett, Smisby
288p/kg 536kg Lim JW Blackshaw, Bakewell
287p/kg 520kg Lim AK Belfield, Sheen
282p/kg 648kg Lim D Lownds, Reapsmoor
278p/kg 538kg B Blue x JM & B Mann, Bakewell
276p/kg 674kg Lim LM & D Grummett, Smisby
270p/kg 698kg Lim D Lownds, Reapsmoor
267p/kg 672kg Lim K Harrop, Alport
260p/kg 594kg Stab JW Blackshaw, Bakewell
260p/kg 740kg B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
260p/kg 686kg AA D Lownds, Reapsmoor
260p/kg 666kg Lim D Lownds, Reapsmoor


And Gross Prices:

£1924.00 740kg B Blue x K Harrop, Alport
£1884.60 698kg Lim D Lownds, Reapsmoor
£1860.24 674kg Lim LM & D Grummett, Smisby
£1858.56 726kg Sim D Hadfield & Daughter, Wheston
£1836.00 850kg AA DS Gregory, Glossop
£1830.24 738kg Lim TW & G Fountain, Marston Montgomery
£1828.80 762kg AA LR & MJ Lowe, Hulme End
£1827.36 648kg Lim D Lownds, Reapsmoor
£1814.40 630kg Lim LM & D Grummett, Smisby
£1794.24 672kg Lim K Harrop, Alport


 54 Heifers – overall average 262.1p/kg

Certainly, the dearest ever with handy weight cattle looking unbelievable.  Matthew Round, Thorpe late in the sale but still topped the day at 323p for a shapey Blue with a meat Limousin from Nigel Birch at 312p and Keith Harrop at 298p.  Peter Gaunt had weighty Lims at 292p or £1901 with the top 7 over £1800.  4 Angus to 248p, 1 Galloway at 250p and even a Jersey x at 226p.


Sample Results:

323p/kg 476kg B Blue x RG & E & MJ Round, Thorpe
312p/kg 464kg Lim NA Birch, Monyash
298p/kg 562kg Lim K Harrop, Alport
292p/kg 648kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
292p/kg 534kg B Blue x JW Dawes & Son, Coal Aston
292p/kg 566kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
289p/kg 658kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
288p/kg 628kg Lim K Harrop, Alport
282p/kg 484kg Sim NA Birch, Monyash
281p/kg 638kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
280p/kg 600kg Lim BD & JH Ponsonby, Tideswell Moor


Gross Prices:

£1901.62 658kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1892.16 648kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1838.48 686kg Lim TW & G Fountain, Marston Montgomery
£1832.64 664kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1808.64 6285kg Lim K Harrop, Alport
£1802.92 658kg Lim H & G Hollinshead, Lichfield
£1801.44 648kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1792.78 638kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1784.32 656kg Lim H & G Hollinshead, Lichfield
£1766.40 640kg Blonde x NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield


STORE & BREEDING CATTLE – (Auctioneer Alastair Sneddon)

A smaller show after several weeks with big entries, possibly explained by lambing time and the exceptional weather.

We hope that there are the cattle out there to maintain numbers and keep buyers coming.  If you have cattle in test Bakewell buyers would like the opportunity to bid at them, give Alastair Sneddon a call on 07971 982441.  We are very happy to promote special entries and take photographs, or you could send us your own for inclusion in our advertising.

Not much in the Breeding Cattle section, but what was there was well sold.


Sample Prices:

£1550 Angus Cow, 108 mnths & Bull Calf GG & OM Carthy, Needwood
£1320 Angus Cow, 145 mnths & Hfr Calf JL Foster, Selston
£1110 Hfd Cow, 48 mnths i/c Hobson Farms, Flagg
£1250 Feeding Cow, 63 mnths A Gimbert, Cellarhead


21 Feeding Bulls

A small sample of Feeding Bulls included:

£600 Hfd x 9 mnths E Tricklebank, Wardlow
£700 Blonde x 7-9 mnths JW & AJ Dakin, Smalley
£1100 Lim x 21 mnths A Gimbert, Cellarhead
£890 Lim x 15-16 mnths A Gimbert, Cellarhead


139 Steers ave £975

A tremendous trade from start to finish with all types in great demand.

Angus & Hereford very much in favour and outliers commanding the usual premium.

Sample Results:

£1200 Lim x 15 mnths AJ Parker, Ticknall
£780 Char x 9 mnths J Cawser, Marchington
£770 Lim x 9 mnths JT & RA Deacon, Burton
£690 Hfd x 9 mnths CJE Carr & Partner, Tissington
£775 Lim x 9 mnths ED Ironmonger, Bonsall
£900 B Blue x 10 mnths RA & CW Bentley, Church Broughton
£760 Lim x 10-11 mnths B Ainley, Mercaston
£1060 Sim x 11-12 mnths AJ Palmer, Crakemarsh
£820 Char x 11 mnths A Gimbert, Cellarhead
£840 Hfd x Lim x A & R Bowers, Cellarhead
£1280 Lim x 12-14 mnths HJ Burton & Son, Brailsford
£785 Hfd x 14-17 mnths RP Lawley, Draycott
£940 Lim x 12 mnths PW Lomas, Flagg
£1050 Lim x 11 mnths AP Pugh, Pilsley
£850 B Blue x 14 mnths AN & C Sread, Stanton
£780 Mont x 14 mnths DF Chadfield, Cubley
£825 Saler 13 mnths AN & C Sread, Stanton
£1245 B Blue x 23 mnths R Bennett, Bamford
£1195 Lim x 17 mnths R Bennett, Bamford
£1150 B Blue x 25-26 mnths G & R Gould, Elton
£1080 B Blue 16-21 mnths Hough Park Farm, Brailsford
£950 Holst 19-20 mnths H Young, Peak Forest
£1120 Angus 20-21 mnths J & J Walton, Tideswell
£1145 B Blue x 16 mnths J & J Walton, Tideswell
£1480 Lim x 21 mnths J Kirkham, Belper
£1420 B Blue x 20-23 mnths R & J Hancock, Eyam
£1395 B Blue x 22-23 mnths AG Tomkinson, Thorpe
£1195 Angus x 20-23 mnths Alma Mount Farm, Rowarth
£1095 Hfd x 21-22 mnths Mrs P Harvey, Sudbury
£1530 Char x 18 mnths FA & PJ Pilkington, Kniveton
£1240 Hfd x 21 mnths DA Bott, Kniveton
£1280 Angus x 23 mnths Mrs M Sellors, Grange Mill

110 Heifers ave £847

A remarkable trade right through with plenty of buying power in operation.

Short finish cattle very dear as were the harder cattle suitable for immediate turnout.


Sample prices as follows:

£700 Lim x 9-10 mnths AJ Parker, Ticknall
£655 Lim x 8-9 mnths JT & RA Deacon, Burton
£935 Lim x 11 mnths ED Ironmonger, Bonsall
£960 B Blue x 11-12 mnths RA & CW Bentley, Church Broughton
£955 B Blue x 14 mnths RR Mason & Son, Hulland
£840 Sim x 11-12 mnths AJ Parker, Crakemarsh
£730 Lim x 12 mnths A Gimbert, Cellarhead
£935 Angus x 13-15 mnths AE & VJ Parkinson, Osliston
£1185 Blonde x 21 mnths J Mellor, Whitehough
£1050 Lim x 20-21 mnths PW Lomas, Flagg
£1075 B Blue x 19 mnths AP Pugh, Pilsley
£730 B Blue x 15 mnths DF Chadfield, Cubley
£1000 B Blue x 25 mnths GW Sutton, Fulstow
£900 Saler 15-23 mnths Hough Park Farm, Brailsford
£1290 B Blue x 20 mnths J & J Walton, Tideswell
£985 Angus x 14-21 mnths J & J Walton, Tideswell
£1280 Lim x 22 mnths AG Tomkinson, Thorpe
£980 Saler x 18 mnths D & A Dickinson, Bradbourne
£965 Sim x 21-23 mnths CE & EN Latham, Sudbury
£1600 B Blue x 23 mnths FA & PJ Pilkington, Kniveton
£1555 Char x 16-17 mnths FA & PJ Pilkington, Kniveton
£1470 Char x 22-23 mnths S Franks, Bradfield
£1135 B Blue x 26 mnths TA & E Bown & Son, Stonedge
£1150 B Blue x 34-35 mnths TA & E Bown & Son, Stonedge
£1075 Hfd x 21 mnths D Bott, Kniveton
£785 Lim x 17 mnths MH & S Buxton, Yoxall


42 CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

Better quality calves very keenly sought after but second quality possibly a little easier.

Best Bulls saw smart B Blues to £420, £345 and £330 with Salers to £295.

A similar story for the heifers with B Blues again topping the day to tops of £310 and £290.

Only a small entry of black & white but plenty of people looking for the stronger types.



B Blue                 £420     TN Palfreyman, Flagg

B Blue                 £345     BD Hudson, Ipstones

Saler                    £295     JF Hayes, Shottle

Hfd                       £225     AP Critchlow, Wheston

Angus                 £240     WB & DE Gyte, Barmoor Clough


B Blue                 £310     JE Seals, Shirland


899 Lambs & 437 Ewes & Rams (Auctioneers Peter Oven & Mark Elliott)

A good show of 1336 sheep included 19 new season lambs and 880 old season lambs.  Demand for the Continental x sorts very good with the best pen peaking at 366p/kg and top gross of £152.84, overall lamb average 342.56p/kg.

In the old season lambs, a few less in but demand outstanding right from the start with buyers bidding very briskly to fill trailers to get back and on to the butchers block for tomorrow morning.  Best meated butchers lambs to 330p/kg, heavy butchers lambs to 308p/kg and overweight lambs to 283p/kg with a top gross of £155/head.

The overall market average 276.35p/kg.

Leading Prices: –


33.6kg 299p/kg S Bradbury, Tideswell
34kg 296p/kg PC Weston, Ashbourne
35kg 296p/kg JW Fenton & Sons, Hartington
36kg 320p/kg Stoneyford Farms
38.8kg 316p/kg D Gosling, Parwich
39.9kg 299p/kg J Hodgson, Kettleshulme
40.8kg 298p/kg S & D Fearn, Wardlow
41.4kg 298p/kg Stoneyford Farms
42kg 318p/kg RM Brown, Bradwell
42.5kg 325p/kg RM Brown, Bradwell
43.8kg 298p/kg R Swift & Sons, little Onn
44.6kg 330p/kg AK Belfield, Sheen
45.7kg 308p/kg FR Platts & Sons, Bamford
47.1kg 300p/kg R Hodgson & Son, Kettleshulme
49.4kg 297p/kg AK Belfield, Sheen
54.7kg 283p/kg R Swift & Son, Little Onn



Standard To 320p/kg Average 273.85p/kg
Medium To 330p/kg Average 278.07p/kg
Heavy To 308p/kg Average 269.72p/kg
Overweight To 283p/kg Average 238.38p/kg


437 Cull Sheep

A good show of 437 cull ewes and rams saw demand off the scale with more buyers present and the plainer sorts looking especially well sold.  Best heavy top grade Texels peaked at £248 with heavy fat Texels to £190, Suffolk to £182, Mules to £145, Swales to £74 and Welsh to £66.  The overall average of £132.22 just reflects how seriously dear the plain sorts were.


Ewes    To: £248           Ave: £132.22

Rams   To: £168           Ave: £148.95




Alastair Sneddon

Senior partner

Livestock, auctioneering and professional services

Oliver Hiles

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate