Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Report 08-08-2022


Monday 8th August 2022


Another respectable entry of stock in all departments with a total of 1504 sheep and 566 cattle on offer, with trade brisk in all departments.


Finished cattle a very similar trade to last week with a top price of 300p/kg and £1854 per head and reports of OTM’s even dearer than recent weeks peaking at 216p/kg and £1850 per head.


An increased entry of store cattle with 323 on offer saw the stronger end in keen demand but the younger grazing cattle a little harder to place as a result of the current lack of grass.  Top prices of £1490 for Steers and £1420 for heifers.


Sheep trade a bit sharper than last week, especially for the stronger end with the 935 lambs averaging 244p/kg, whilst a bumper entry off 566 culls continued to sell at rates to a top of £180.


An increased entry of calves sold at similar strong rates with B Blue bulls to a top of £420.




Thursday 11th August:  Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale

Thursday 11th August: Store Lamb Sale, 10.30am




Whether you buy or sell Ewe Lambs or Theaves please note the dates of this year’s Breeding Female Sales at Bakewell


Friday 2nd September: Theaves & Ewes

Thurs/Fri 15th/16th September: Mule/Any other breed Ewe Lambs

Friday 30th September: Theaves & Ewes

Saturday 15th October: HPLS Sheep Sale

Entries are now being taken

Any questions, speak to Alastair Sneddon on 07973 982441



Farm Sales

Friday 26th August: The Beeches Fm, Seighford, Stafford


News from the Peak Farmers Group (PFG)

Farm Walk with expert speakers: Is it all in the genes?

UNDERSTANDING how genetics, nutrition and effective husbandry contribute to a successful livestock system.

Our next event will take place at land and buildings between Tideswell and Litton (SK17 8QN) on Friday 12th August from 11am -2.30pm, by kind permission of Richard Baker, lunch included.

Farmer and host Richard will lead the farm walk and give an insight into his farming practices which comprises of a mainly grass-based, paddock system with herbal leys and stubble turnips. He breeds Stabiliser cattle and ‘easy care’ Exlana sheep and has carried out research into genetics and selection.

The PFG also welcomes Dr Claire Whittle and Charlie Mays from LLM Farm Vets. Charlie will be speaking on techniques for improving young stock survival and housing/ventilation while Claire will be talking on how healthy ecosystems mean healthy livestock, on parasite control and how dung beetles are the farmers’ friend!

Please contact us to find out more about becoming a member or to join one of our free events by calling 07483 373 435 or email



The following AHDB Dairy meetings are taking place over the coming months:


4th August, 11am (prompt) – 2pm – Developing the rumen for optimal calf health (suitable for anybody rearing calves). A discussion-based meeting looking specifically at the weaning stage and the most efficient process with David Wilde (Massey Feeds), David Woolley (Moscar Farm) and Steve West (AHDB). Moscar Farm, Monyash. DE45 1JQ


7th September, 11am (prompt) – 2.45pm – The future of dairy farming, opportunities and challenges. A review and farm walk of an AHDB Strategic Farm and a panel discussion with Nicholas Saphir (AHDB Chair), James Osman (NFU), Thomas Gill (Promar), Emma Gregson (DairyUK), Patty Clayton (AHDB) and Tony and Michael Ball (Coton Wood Farm). Coton Wood Farm, Sudbury. DE6 5HL.


Booking is essential via 01904 771218 or email or more information can be found at


We have been asked to inform you


The Funeral of

Mr Gordon Matkin

Aged 91, of Wigwell Cottage Farm, Alderwasley

will take place on

Friday 12th August 2022

at 11am

St Mary’s Church, Wirksworth



71 Barren, OTM and Feeding Cows Overall Average 180.9p or £1259.13

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

Cows have got dearer again, up 5 pence on the week and we look to be on the climb again.  16 cattle today over £2 with thick meat the order of the day and wanted from all buyers.  Best Limousin cows from Andrew Bowler won the day at 216p (£1516) with lots of cows 190-210p with big cows coming to £1600-£1800.


Sample Results:

216p/kg 702kg Lim, 4 yrs AB Bowler, Ashleyhay
215p/kg 668kg B Blue x, 32 mnths S & M Boam, Flagg
214p/kg 764kg Char, 9 yrs B & R Ball, Oakamoor
213p/kg 668kg B Blue x, 32 mnths S & M Boam, Flagg
212p/kg 654kg B Blue x, 33 mnths S & M Boam, Flagg
210p/kg 686kg AA, 5 yrs JS & M Hollinrake, Flagg
206p/kg 838kg Blonde x, 9 yrs CH Ede & Son, Alkmonton
205p/kg 830kg Char, 11 yrs B & R Ball, Oakamoor
205p/kg 610kg L Horn, 4 yrs AJ Parker & Sons, Ticknall
202p/kg 850kg Lim, 6 yrs Conway & Mellor, Chelmorten
201p/kg 806kg Blonde x, 7 yrs BD & JH Ponsonby, Tideswell Moor
201p/kg 842kg AA, 4 yrs JS & M Hollinrake, Flagg
200p/kg 864kg Lim, 12 yrs B Sayles, Park Head
199p/kg 704kg Lim, 13 yrs AB Bowler, Ashleyhay
199p/kg 776kg Char, 16 yrs B & R Ball, Oakamoor
199p/kg 930kg Saler, 12 yrs B Sayles, Park Head


And Gross Prices:

£1850.70 930kg Saler B Sayles, Park Head
£1843.00 970kg Sim BD & JH Ponsonby, Tideswell Moor
£1728.00 864kg Lim B Sayles, Park Head
£1726.28 838kg Blonde x CH Ede & Son, Alkmonton
£1717.00 850kg Lim Conway & Mellor, Chelmorten
£1701.50 830kg Char B & R Ball, Oakamoor
£1692.42 842kg AA JS & M Hollinrake, Flagg
£1634.96 864kg Char B & R Ball, Oakamoor
£1620.06 806kg Blonde x BD & JH Ponsonby, Tideswell Moor
£1554.24 776kg Char B & R Ball, Oakamoor


27 Black & White and ex Dairy Cows ave 174p/kg

As good as ever.

The best 175-188p

Meated Holsteins 165-175p

Parlour Holsteins 150-160p

Plain Cows under 140p


The best today:

188p/kg £1537 Holst, 6 yrs JS, CE & A Hitch, Stainsby
187p/kg £1361 Fries, 4 yrs C Shirt, Over Haddon
182p/kg £1463 Mont, 7 yrs Furness & Taylor, Over Haddon
176p/kg £1175 Fries, 6 yrs C Shirt, Over Haddon
175p/kg £1325 Holst, 6 yrs FM Ottewell & Son, Shottle


6 OTM Steers

210p/kg £1751 Char, 50 mnths DR Ball, Oakamoor
207p/kg £1324 B Blue, 34 mnths JT Flint, Ible
203p/kg £2188 Char, 61 mnths D & R Ball, Oakamoor

109 FINISHED CATTLE – overall average 233.2p/kg

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)


Similar numbers to last week and indeed last year.  The best cattle good to sell (as dear as ever) and the second quality better sold than expected with the dreaded “deadweight drops” not evident in Bakewell.


14 Finished Bulls ave 205.3p

Only a few today with 2 suckler bulls selling at 250p (£2170) for a blue from Keith Belfield and 248p for a handy weighted pure Limousin from Steven & Steff Wells.

Sample Results:

250p/kg 868kg B Blue x AK Belfield, Sheen
248p/kg 582kg Lim MJ Wells & Son, Bakewell
219p/kg 762kg Lim RS & EJ Longden & Sons, Chinley
217p/kg 788kg Lim RS & EJ Longden & Sons, Chinley
205p/kg 696kg Fries RS & EJ Longden & Sons, Chinley


And Gross Prices:

£2170.00 868kg B Blue x AK Belfield, Sheen
£1709.96 788kg Lim RS & EJ Longden & Sons, Chinley
£1668.78 762kg Lim RS & EJ Longden & Sons, Chinley
£1443.36 582kg Lim MJ Wells & Son, Bakewell
£1426.80 696kg Fries RS & EJ Longden & Sons, Chinley


39 Steers – overall average 228.8p

The best are outstanding and still very, very dear, but the second quality look good to sell also.  John Kunika T/A Belper Skip Hire won the gold and silver medal with his two continentals at 290 and 289p, with the Wells family close behind at 283p.  15 Angus to 260p with 4 Hereford to 216p.


Sample Results:

290p/kg 634kg Lim Belper Skip Hire, Moorwood Moor
289p/kg 598kg Blonde x Belper Skip Hire, Moorwood Moor
283p/kg 560kg Lim MJ Wells & Son, Monyash
268p/kg 594kg B Blue x GW Smith & Son, Aldwark
260p/kg 608kg Angus Belper Skip Hire, Moorwood Moor
252p/kg 666kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
250p/kg  686kg Angus WB & DE Gyte, Barmoor Clough
245p/kg 616kg Angus WB & DE Gyte, Barmoor Clough
244p/kg 666kg Lim RW & R Walker, Ashgate
242p/kg 676kg Angus E Morten & Sons, Barmoor Clough


And Gross Prices:

£1838.60 634kg Lim Belper Skip Hire, Moorwood Moor
£1728.22 598kg Blonde Belper Skip Hire, Moorwood Moor
£1726.92 738kg B Blue x D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
£1715.00 686kg Angus WB & DE Gyte, Barmoor Clough
£1706.40 790kg Sim D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
£1692.00 846kg Angus P Rains, Muggington
£1678.32 666kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1669.88 766kg B Blue x D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
£1657.84 782kg Blonde x FM Ottewell & Son, Shottle
£1635.92 676kg AA E Morten & Sons, Barmoor Clough


56 Heifers – overall average 244.6p/kg

A grand bunch of heifers today and some excellent quality at the top end.  The Wells family remained at the top of the pile at 300p/kg for a smart Limmy.  The top 5 weighty heifers all topped £1800.  5 Hfd/Angus to 240p.


Sample Results:

300p/kg 510kg Lim MJ Wells & Son, Monyash
294p/kg 460kg B Blue x JM & B Mann, Bakewell
288p/kg 626kg Lim BD & JH Ponsonby, Tideswell Moor
288p/kg 644kg Lim S Evans, Edwinstowe
288p/kg 604kg Lim S Evans, Edwinstowe
287p/kg 636kg Lim S Evans, Edwinstowe
286p/kg 560kg B Blue x FR J & D Charlesworth
286p/kg 598kg Lim S Evans, Edwinstowe
284p/kg 584kg Lim Hazledine Farms, Watnall
284p/kg 584kg Lim S Evans, Edwinstowe
282p/kg 634kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield


Gross Prices:

£1854.72 644kg Lim S Evans, Edwinstowe
£1825.32 636kg Lim S Evans, Edwinstowe
£1813.56 762kg Lim M Hambleton, Alstonefield
£1802.88 626kg Lim BD & JH Ponsonby, Tideswell Moor
£1800.56 634kg Lim Hazledine Farms, Watnall
£1789.76 658kg Char NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1787.88 634kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield
£1766.40 690kg B Blue x RW & R Walker, Ashgate
£1758.40 628kg Lim Hazledine Farms, Watnall
£1750.16 668kg Lim NH Gaunt & Son, Dronfield


STORE & BREEDING CATTLE – (Auctioneer Mark Elliott)

321 stores in total

A few more cattle about with the strong cattle 20 months and above a good trade and the younger sorts feeling the effects of feed costs and lack of grass.

In the breeders – Cow & Calf outfits topped at £1280.


£1280 Lim Hfr 35 ½ mnths & Hfr Calf, 4 ½ mnths D Sherratt, Combs
£1250 Lim Cow, 35 mnths & Lim Hfr Calf, 4 mnths D Sherratt, Combs


Feeding Bulls

examples as follows:


£1130 Lim 16 ½ mnths Redgate Farms, Brinsley
£670 Hfd 10 ½ mnths AC Lowe, Holmesfield
£710 Lim 8 ½ mnths FT Lemon, Alkmonton


170 Steers ave £978 – A good run of quality

Sample Returns:


£1155 Lim 13 mnths R Boothby, Hazel Grove
£800 Lim 8-10 mnths JF Kirkham, Hartington
£1110 Lim 13 mnths J Barratt, Atlow
£1065 Sim 20 mnths RP Ratcliffe, Sudbury
£1330 B Blue x 29 mnths O Pilkington, Sudbury
£1190 Angus 27 mnths RB Fretwell, Penistone
£1420 Char 25 mnths EE Woodward, Coxbench
£1465 Blonde 26 mnths DJ Renshaw, Sandybrook
£1160 Angus 18 ½ mnths GL Brown, Spondon
£1415 B Blue 17-23 mnths P Wood, Wirksworth

Generally dairy bred steers saw plenty of bidders, particularly the square Friesians, Norwegian Red etc to fill the feeding yards.

£895 Fries 21-27 mnths T Stafford & Son, Ballidon
£800 MRI 23 mnths JC Shepherd, Dungworth
£860 Fries 20 mnths FT Lemon & Son, Alkmonton
£705 Fries 24 mnths Liz Mottram, Gratwich
£1020 Fries 25 mnths L Webster & Co, Tissington


122 Heifers ave £764.55

Yet again some quality about, but the younger sorts hard to sell.

Sample returns as follows:


£880 Angus 14-15 mnths W Hague & Son, High Bradfield
£1385 B Blue 28 mnths DS Ede Ltd, Cubley
£1130 Lim 16 mnths SW Clarke, Dunstall
£940 Sim 19 mnths JC Shepherd, Dungworth
£1280 Blue 15 mnths JW & RG Ede, Youlgreave
£1360 Char 25 mnths Woodward, Coxbench

63 CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

Trade very similar to last week with all types in strong demand and a large gathering of prospective purchasers.

Best bulls saw B Blue to £420 and £400 with heifers peaking at £270.

Trade for the B/W calves a little more selective today.



B Blue                 £420     TN Palfreyman, Flagg

B Blue                 £400     G Matkin, Idridgehay

Lim                      £260     TW Kent & Co, Yeavley

Fleck                   £245     JS & CE Hitchin, Derby

Hfd                       £260     D Fotherby & Sons, Wormhill


B Blue                 £270     G Matkin, Idridgehay

Sim                      £230     E & M Bradbury, Pike Hall

Hfd                       £195     AP Critchlow, Wheston


938 Lambs & 565 Ewes & Rams (Auctioneer Peter Oven)

A very good entry of 1503 sheep included 935 new season lambs.  Demand for the best meated sorts, regardless of weight and breed continued to be wanted with best butchers lambs to 279p/kg, heavyweights to 269p/kg and overweight lambs to 256p/kg.  The big lambs were up on the overall average of 246.43p/kg.  The best big lambs grossed £140/head.

Leading Prices: –

38.8kg 279p/kg M Hambleton, Alstonefield
41.8kg 260p/kg M Hambleton, Alstonefield
42.8kg 269p/kg B Rowlinson, Ramsor
43.4kg 274p/kg R & S Salisbury, Abney
44.8kg 274p/kg MP Elliott & Son, Eyam
45kg 274p/kg B Rowlinson, Ramsor
45.5kg 270p/kg R Swift & Son, Little Onn
46.6kg 269p/kg MP Elliott & Son, Eyam
47.2kg 262p/kg M Hambleton, Alstonefield
49kg 269p/kg M Gregory, Peak Forest
50.8kg 261p/kg FA Lomas, Peak Forest
51.4kg 256p/kg B Rowlinson, Ramsor
52.5kg 256p/kg R Swift & Son, Little Onn
53.7kg 255p/kg R Swift & Son, Little Onn
26.2kg 250p/kg R Swift & Son, Little Onn



Standard To 279p/kg Average 239.56p/kg
Medium To 274p/kg Average 245.59p/kg
Heavy To 269p/kg Average 252.61p/kg
Overweight To 256p/kg Average 251.92p/kg



Cull Sheep

A very good show of 565 cull ewes and rams with all breeds and types on offer.  A larger proportion of plain and grazing types on offer was reflected in the overall average.   Best Beltex ewes to £180 with Texels to £175, big fat Texels to £148.  Heavy Mules sold in the £100-£128 bracket with meated horned ewes in the £60-£80 range.  Heavy Texel rams sold to £170/head.


Ewes to £180     Ave £93.12                Rams to £170    Ave £131.43


Oliver Hiles

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate

Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer