Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Report 30-08-2022


A very small market on Tuesday of the Bank Holiday week. Vendors of stock who had supported the Tuesday market were well rewarded with decent prices in all departments.


In the Store cattle sections 23 month old Lim x Steers sold to £1,260 and 22 month old Hfd x to £1,270 a bunch of Lim x steers aged 13-17 mnths made £1,095 evidence that demand for store cattle remains very strong.


In the finished ring there was a limited selection with the best on offer at 285p and £1,501 per head.

Steers averaged 243.9p.


Just 27 OTM cattle, but all well sold with top figures 214p and £1,866 per head.  The average at a solid 166.7p


16 calves met a strong demand with bulls to £400 and heifers £250.


In the sheep department 462 lambs sold to 258p and £125.40.  Many lambs were short of meat which is hardly surprising in the current circumstances.  The SQQ average remained little changed at 233.1p.


Not a bad turnout of 218 cull sheep maintained recent price levels with ewes to £166 to average £75.43 for an entry with a good many plain examples.



Thursday 1st September: Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale

Friday 2nd September: Theave & Ewe Sale

Friday 9th September: Store Lamb Sale

Saturday 10th September: Penistone Show




Whether you buy or sell Ewe Lambs or Theaves please note the dates of this year’s Breeding Female Sales at Bakewell

Friday 2nd September: Theaves & Ewes

Thurs/Fri 15th/16th September: Mule/Any other breed Ewe Lambs

Friday 30th September: Theaves & Ewes

Saturday 15th October: HPLS Sheep Sale

Entries are now being taken

Any questions, speak to Alastair Sneddon on 07973 982441

Farm Sales

Saturday 3rd September: Grindley Collective Sale

Friday 9th September: Hagg House Farm, Morton




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27 Barren, OTM and Feeding Cows overall average 166.76p/kg (£1,155)

(Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

Another strong trade on all types with the vast majority being Black & White.  Top call today went to a Simmental from Thorp Farms at 214p/kg and an overage steer to 220p/kg from DC Hoggard, Newark.


214p/kg 766kg Sim, 40 mnths Thorp Farms, Baslow
200p/kg 602kg Lim, 57 mnths I Falconer, Brackenfield
195p/kg 718kg Fries, 115 mnths C Shirt, Over Haddon


£1866 972kg Lim Bull J Beeson, Kingstone
£1795 816kg Lim Str DC Hoggard, Newark
£1855 766kg Sim Cow Thorp Farms, Baslow
£1417 766kg Fries Cow GV Matkin, Kirk Ireton


11 FINISHED CATTLE – overall average 233p/kg

(Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)


A small Tuesday entry met strong interest for all typed to a top of 285p/kg.

Steers averaged 243p/kg and heifers 233p/kg, with the solitary Hereford Bull at 202p/kg.


STORE & BREEDING CATTLE – (Auctioneer Alastair Sneddon)

Only 41 cattle on offer, but plenty of buyers were present in order to ensure a fast trade on a par with last week.

Every animal changed hands at prices that exceeded expectations by some margins

Sample Prices:



£570 Lim x 8 mnths R Hughes, Stanley
£780 S Horn x 9 mnths Miss K Goldstraw, Wetley Rocks
£760 Lim x 7-9 mnths MWM Barlow, Holbrook
£1095 Lim x 13-17 mnths C Whalley, Quarnford
£1270 Hfd x 22 mnths Rusty Farming, Flagg
£1260 Lim x 23 mnths Rusty Farming, Flagg
£1000 Stab x 22 mnths Rusty Farming, Flagg



£560 Hfd x 8 mnths R Hughes, Stanley
£690 B Blue x 11 mnths T Poole, Ashover
£900 Hfd x 28 mnths J Short & Sons, Clay Cross
£950 B Blue x 20-22 mnths HWM & S Shann, Sheen
£965 Lim x 23 mnths HWM & S Shann, Sheen


16 CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

Those forward were well rewarded with a strong trade for all types and many more could have been sold to advantage.



B Blue                 £400     G Matkin, Idridgehay

B Blue                 £345     TN Palfreyman, Flagg

Fries                    £65        WJ & DM Madin, Holymoorside


B Blue                 £250     TN Palfreyman, Flagg


462 Lambs, 218 Ewes & Rams & 6 Store Sheep (Auctioneer Peter Oven)

A Bank Holiday entry of 686 included 462 lambs.  Demand very similar to recent weeks with meated stronger sorts well bid for.  Best sorts to 258p/kg with heavyweights to 247p/kg and overweight to 239p/kg.

100 lambs for M Gregory Peak Forest sold to 258p/kg, with Jane Bonsall selling to 246p/kg for 46kg lambs.  D Hadfield & Daughter sold to 245p/kg for 49.78kg lambs.


Leading Prices: –

37.8kg 253p/kg
39.7kg 242p/kg
40.2kg 252p/kg
40.6p/kg 258p/kg
43.5kg 244p/kg
44.6kg 258p/kg
46kg 246p/kg
47.5kg 247p/kg
49.7kg 245p/kg
50kg 242p/kg
52.5kg 239p/kg



Standard To 253p/kg Average 226.55p/kg
Medium To 258p/kg Average 235.05p/kg
Heavy To 247p/kg Average 237.04p/kg
Overweight To 239p/kg  


Cull Sheep

A total of 218 cull ewes and rams sold on a very brisk trade with strong meated ewes in short supply.

Best Texels sold to £166 with Cheviots to £127 and Suffolk x to £134.


Ewes to £166     Ave £75.43                Rams to £158               Ave £104.86   



Alastair Sneddon

Senior partner

Livestock, auctioneering and professional services

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate