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Bakewell Market Report 20-09-2022

Bakewell Market Report



The Monday market was cancelled this week as a mark of respect for the Queen’s funeral and to allow staff and customers to view the amazing procession and services at Westminster and Windsor.


So, it was a short notice Tuesday market with modest entries of stock, but decent results for those who were selling.


Few store cattle, but a sharp enough trade and all changed hands with steers to £1,200 for Lim x, 22 mnths, heifers to £990 for Angus x 21 mnths and feeding bulls to £600 for Hfd x, 4-7 mnths.

There are already a significant number booked in for next Monday 26th September.


17 finished cattle– all sold with top figures 286p and £1,900 per head.

The 5 steers averaged a very respectable 254.7p.


A reasonable number of 34 OTM and feeding cows maintained recent price levels with the best on offer to 216p and £1,717.

The average was back a bit at 163.6p, but probably a function of the sample on offer than the level of trade.


32 calves with plenty of interest in the best with £325 for a bull calf and £275 for a heifer.


In the sheep section there were 542 lambs with top figures 276p and £130.56 per head.

It was the usual story of a good price for the well meated types and less figures for the plainer sorts.


Just 159 cull sheep this week with ewes to £176 to average £102.96.






Thursday 22nd September: Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale

Friday 23rd September: Store Lamb Sale

Friday 30th September: Theaves & Ewes

Saturday 1st October: Ram Fair

Friday 7th October: Store Lambs





Whether you buy or sell Ewe Lambs or Theaves please note the dates of this year’s Breeding Female Sales at Bakewell


Friday 30th September: Theaves & Ewes

Saturday 15th October: HPLS Sheep Sale

Entries are now being taken

Any questions, speak to Alastair Sneddon on 07973 982441

Farm Sales

Thursday 22nd September: Weaver Farm, Cauldon Low

Thursday 29th September: Shaw Lane Farm, Marston Montgomery

Saturday 1st October: Barn Farm, Aston by Doxey, Stafford


 News from the Peak Farmers Group


Our next event ‘Pasture for Profit’ will take place on Wednesday 28th September from 11am to 2.30pm at Sittinglow Farm, Doveholes, Buxton, SK17 8DN by kind permission of the Buckley family.

This will be a farm walk with speakers including Rob Massey of PastureTec Ltd and Sean Chubb of the Livestock Improvement Corporation.

Hear from our experts who will be sharing knowledge and advice on post drought grassland and crop management as well as the practicalities of establishing a rotational grazing system.

We will also be finding out more about pasture utilisation and cost control – how a grazing management plan can improve grass growth and soil health, cut input costs, improve production and live-weight gain from forage.

This event is free to attend and includes lunch.

To book a place or find out more please call 07483 373 435 or email


34 Barren, OTM and Feeding Cows overall average 163.6p/kg (£1,068)

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

Just a small entry that sold a recent levels.  Top price 216p for R Swindell & Sons, Hognaston, with better cows & B/W 180-210p/kg.


17 FINISHED CATTLE – overall average 227.3p/kg

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)


5 Steers ave 254.7p/kg

12 Heifers ave 213.9p/kg

Top price today 286p/kg for a Lim x from A & K Farming, Rushton Spencer

Heifers up to 263p/kg for a B Blue x Dairy from Moor Farmers, Flagg.

9 un-tested store heifers all sold for further feeding but did nothing to enhance the heifer average.


STORE & BREEDING CATTLE – (Auctioneer Alastair Sneddon)

Only a handful of stores on offer, but sufficient buyers present to ensure a fair price.  All animals changed hands.



Sample Results:

£640 Lim x 11-14 mnths C & M Wainwright, Denstone
£900 Lim x 13 mnths RP Lawley, Draycott
£680 Hfd x 15-16 mnths DA Bott, Kniveton
£1090 Lim x 15 mnths CG Matkin, Alderwasley
£1200 Lim x 22 mnths CG Matkin, Alderwasley
£700 Holst 19-20 mnths PG & AD Godber, Kimberley



Sample Results:

£640 Lim x 9-10 mnths Roger Barlow, Leverton
£500 B Blue x 9 mnths RP Lawley, Draycott
£660 Hfd x 15 mnths DA Bott, Kniveton
£990 Angus x 21 mnths L Webster & Co, Tissington



£600 Hfd x 4-7 mnths White Bros, Repton
£480 Sim x 7-8 mnths RW Radford, Longnor


32 CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

Respectable numbers forward for a Tuesday sale and trade much firmer than seen over the last couple of weeks for middle of the road calves.

Top prices of £325 for a B Blue bull and £275 for a B Blue heifer.



B Blue                 £325     WJ Adams, Mackworth

B Blue                 £325     Holtwood Farm, Doveridge

Sim                      £305     CG Matkin, Idridgehay

W Black              £215     BD Hudson, Ipstones



B Blue                 £275     WJ Adams, Mackworth


542 Lambs & 159 Ewes & Rams (Auctioneer Peter Oven)


542 lambs ave 239.83p/kg

Lamb trade a little firmer for all weights to a top of 276p/kg and £130 per head.


Leading Prices: –

36.1kg 260p/kg M Gregory, Perrydale
41.8kg 276p/kg P Bennett, Whiteley Green
44.8kg 268p/kg Furness & Taylor, Wormhill
43.6kg 264p/kg J Bonsall, Atlow
48.0kg 272p/kg R & S Salisbury, Abney



Standard To 260p/kg Average 241.90p/kg
Medium To 276p/kg Average 239.83p/kg
Heavy To 272p/kg Average 237.34p/kg
Overweight To 249p/kg Average 242.77p/kg


159 Cull Sheep

Another excellent trade with Mules to £120 and continentals to £176.





Alastair Sneddon

Senior partner

Livestock, auctioneering and professional services

Oliver Hiles

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate