Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Sale of Store Lambs 08-10-2021

Store Lamb Sale

Friday 8th October 2021


A total of 4,909 sheep forward with a similarly strong trade as the last sale and an average of just over £80, with a number of Mule and horned lambs within the entry.

Well-shaped continental lambs at a distinct premium, selling to a top of £109, but that said all types would be in keen demand with purchasers present from South and North Wales, Norfolk, and a number of lambs heading off into North Yorkshire.


Texel x      Average £83.36

£109 BA & SW Mills, Redmires
£108 CJ Mallaber, Burton on Trent
£99 CJ Mallaber, Burton on Trent
£98.50 J & J Walton, Buxton
£98.50 Peter & Andrew Ward, Kirk Ireton
£97.50 WW Bramall & Son, Hathersage
£97 AE & JL Smith, Gt Longstone
£96.50 JC Vickers,Taddington


Suffolk x     Average £79.07

£93 JA Atkin, Hope
£90.50 Mosley & Kirkwood, Matlock
£90 KB Higton, Wetton
£89.50 RJ & JA Hancock & Sons, Foolow
£89 Mosley & Kirkwood, Matlock
£89 KB Higton, Wetton
£88.50 Scriveton Manor Farm Hdg Ltd, Middleton by Youlgreave
£88 A & GM Cooper, Elton


Cheviot       Average £76.60

£88.50 J Wainwright & Sons, Macclesfield
£83 Ashes Farm Services, Derwent
£82 J Wainwright & Sons, Macclesfield
£77 DI Borrow, Wensley
£76 J Wainwright & Sons, Macclesfield
£72 J Wainwright & Sons, Macclesfield


Mule           Average £74.55

£93.50 W Allen, Butterton
£73.50 JA Atkin, Hope

£70                Ashford Hall Farm, Bakewell

Charolais     Average £79.87

£84             A Mosley & Sons, Matlock

£82             A Mosley & Sons, Matlock

£82             A Mosley & Sons, Matlock



Swale        Average £48.26

£52 NH Denniff, Sheffield
£51 O Brayne, Derwent
£50 NH Denniff, Sheffield











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