Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Store Cattle Sale 19-02-2021

A smaller entry for February after the bumper crop of over 800 for the January sale.  With Finished Cattle returns at an all time high and quality store cattle replacements thin on the ground, the stage was set and the Bakewell buyers pulled out all the stops to secure the quality on offer.

Buyers were out in force with a few distance travellers joining the locals, with all shapes, sizes and breeds looking very well sold.  When looking at the top prices and averages it has to be borne in mind that the vast majority of the cattle were spring 2020 born and therefore under 12 months old.

The sale progressed quickly with the cattle arriving at the sale ring in good sized even bunches with a few special individuals being picked out for the show men.  Bagshaws would like to thank the buyers for attending the sale and abiding by the COVID rules, also to the vendors for producing some marvellous runs of cattle to sell, the hauliers for delivering the cattle in the morning and removing them all in timely fashion and also to the market staff for handling the stock so well in the market.

The averages for the cattle were way up on the year and also on the remarkable sale that we held 4 weeks earlier in January, for the first time at the suckled calf sales the steers averaged over £1000 (up £85 on 2020) the heifers averaged £872 (up £157 on 2020) and the bulls levelled at £954 (up £125)

The next sale will be held on Friday 19th March 2021 on behalf of the High Peak Livestock Society with good entries already received.

The sale commenced with a few breeding cattle with the highlight being a Pedigree Limousin bull (2yrs) from Roger & Lee White that sold for £2000

Sample Prices and Averages

60 Young Feeding Bulls   ave £954.50 (up £125 on 2020)

£1200 Lim 11 mnths AL Smith, Selston
£1100 Sim 8 mnths Mosley & Co, Chelmorten
£1020 B Blue x3 7-8 mnths AC Simpson, Bradwell
£1010 Lim x2 9 mnths AH & T Carr, Waterfall
£980 Lim x2 9 mnths J Simpson, Stoney Middleton
£960 Lim x4 7-8 mnths MA Salisbury & Son, Hayfield
£890 Sim x5 8 mnths BE & TR Robinson, Tideswell
£850 Lim x2 8-11 mnths SC Yates, Bradwell


55 Steers ave £1003.00 (up £185 on 2020)

£1290 Lim x2 12 mnths AL Smith, Selston
£1285 Lim x2 12 mnths TJ & H Oakes, Rocester
£1240 Lim 19 mnths LG Parkin, Unstone
£1180 Lim x5 11-12 mnths TJ & H Oakes, Rocester
£1180 Lim x2 12 mnths AL Smith, Selston
£1100 Char x4 9-10 mnths PE Yates, Quarndon
£1060 B Blue 8 mnths JA Hall, Longnor
£1000 AA 11 mnths LG Parkin, Unstone


80 Heifers ave £872 (up £157 on 2020)

£1230 Lim 11 mnths PE Yates, Quarndon
£1190 Lim x3 15-16 mnths Ashford Hall Farms, Bakewell
£1080 Lim 15 mnths Ashford Hall Farms, Bakewell
£1060 B Blue 8 mnths JA Hall, Longnor
£990 Char 9 mnths DL Batterbee, Sparrowpit
£920 Lim x2 8 mnths SJ Buckley & Partners, Doveholes
£920 Lim x2 12 mnths TJ & H Oakes, Rocester
£820 Lim x4 8 mnths PJ Chappell, Alton


Oliver Hiles

Market Associate