Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 06-04-2023



6th April 2023


378 Sheep including 240 Finished Hoggs, 34 EWES & RAMS

 & 104 Store Sheep


A pre-Easter market entry of 378 sheep met with a very brisk trade throughout.  7 Autumn born Dorset lambs saw the stronger sorts all selling at £130/head.

In the old season lambs 233 on offer with all types very well sold and best meated sorts over 300p/kg to peak at 319p/kg and top gross of £150/head.

Overall average 286.96p/kg.


Leading Prices:

35.2kg 290o/kg W Hague & Son, Bradfield
36.8kg 302p/kg W Hague & Son, Bradfield
37.2kg 300p/kg W Hague & Son, Bradfield
38.8kg 319p/kg TR Lomas, North Rode
39.8kg 295p/kg TR Lomas, North Rode
40.5kg 290p/kg W Hague & Son, Bradfield
42.3kg 304p/kg AJ & RA Wainwright, Oxspring
42.8kg 312p/kg J Shirt & Sons, Tideswell
43.6kg 300p/kg TR Lomas, North Rode
44kg 300p/kg AJ & RA Wainwright, Oxspring
48.6kg 298p/kg RJ Beardsley, Derby
51.3kg 292p/kg TR Lomas, North Rode



32.1 – 39.0kg To: 319/kg Ave: 286.69/kg
39.1- 45.5kg To: 312p/kg Ave: 287.14/kg
45.6 -52kg To: 298p/kg Ave: 278.92/kg
52kg+ To: 270p/kg  


Cull Sheep

Just 34 cull sheep forward saw best heavy Dorset ewes to £145 and Texels to £144.


A bigger entry of 66 smaller long-term feeding hoggs still in demand with 7 different buyers operating, Texel x to £88.


 Store Sheep

A nice show of 38 ewes & lambs saw buyers with grass coming out in numbers and bidding briskly for all types.

Texel doubles                £190

Char doubles                  £164

Mule doubles                 £156

Cont singles                   £142


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Peter Oven

Market Associate