Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 21-03-2024

532 SHEEP INCLUDING 342 Finished hoggs, 111 Cull Sheep & 79 STORE SHEEP

342 Hoggs


Trade back from last week but then entry generally lacking finish with the better fleshed sorts looking reasonably well sold with tops of 417p/kg and £221 per head.


Leading Prices:

33.0kg 378p/kg M Shaw, Tideswell
45.4kg 380p/kg B Batterbee, Doveholes
43.1kg 370p/kg B Fitch, Little Eaton
42.0kg 370p/kg GA Waller, Bollington
48.6kg 400p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
47.4kg 368p/kg T Hall, Radbourne
53.0kg 417p/kg Elsie Ford, Tunstead Milton



25.5kg – 32kg Ave 296p/kg Top 338p
32.1kg – 39kg Ave 324p/kg Top 378p
39.1kg – 45.5kg Ave 345p/kg Top 380p
45.6kg – 52kg Ave 355p/kg Top 400p
52kg + Ave 329p/kg Top 417p


111 Cull Sheep Ave £107 Per Head


Trade similar to last week with continental ewes to £189 and stronger Mules in the £120’s.


 79 Store Sheep


An increased entry included 64 ewes and lambs with plenty of bidders despite the poor weather conditions continuing.


Mule Doubles £260

Mule Singes £170

Suffolk Doubles £240

Suffolk Singles £180

Border Leicester Singles £190

Texel Singles £150

A consignment of 10 goats attracted brisk bidding with older sorts to £130 and youngsters to £110.


Peter Oven

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services