Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 18-04-2024

335 SHEEP INCLUDING 21 spring lambs, 151 Finished hoggs, 83 Cull Sheep



151 Hoggs ave 362.49p/kg

Numbers continuing to dry up, but the meated sorts within the entry continue to look well sold with tops of 416p/kg and £220/head.


Leading Prices:

52.0kg 410p/kg A Birchenough, Doveholes
50.2kg 410p/kg S Rhodes, Fulwood
45.8kg 416p/kg B Fitch, Little Eaton
63.3kg 348p/kg L Wilson, Notts



32.1kg – 39kg Ave 342.76p/kg Top 385p
39.1kg – 45.5kg Ave 337.70p/kg Top 370p
45.6kg – 52kg Ave 405.23p/kg Top 416p
52kg+ Ave 344.69p/kg Top 410p


21 Spring Lambs

Ave 401.25p/kg to a top of 425p/kg.


83 Cull Sheep Ave £120 Per Head

Another excellent trade for all types to a top of £178.


80 Store Sheep

Trade up on last week with fresh buying support in attendance and many more could have been sold to vendors’ advantage.


Mule (3-4 crop) & singles £191

Kerry singles £118

Texel (2 crop) & twins £350

Texel (2 crop) & singles £265

Mule (1 crop) & twins £270



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Peter Oven

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services