Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 16-05-2024




16th May


558 SHEEP INCLUDING 14 Spring Lambs, 165 Finished hoggs,

184 Cull Sheep &195 STORE SHEEP



A total entry of 558 sheep included 14 Spring lambs with demand good for meated sorts.  Best lighter weights sold to 470p/kg with butchers lambs to 450p/kg and heavy butchers lambs to 440p/kg.  Overall average 406.34p/kg.


Leading Prices:

37.8kg 470p/kg G Ford
39.6kg 450p/kg SM & JA Rigley
46.0kg 440p/kg SM & JA Rigley

In the old season lambs demand still very good with a mixed lot on offer.  Best heavy weights peaked at 380p/kg with a top gross of £235.50/head.  The overall average 332.95p/kg.


Leading Prices:

37.0kg 332p/kg Ashes Farm
38.3kg 350p/kg MG & JR Jordan
39.5kg 332p/kg Broomhead Estate
40.5kg 365p/kg P Coward
40.7kg 346p/kg MG & JR Jordan
41.0kg 355p/kg PH Wilcockson
43.2kg 340p/kg Broomhead Estate
45.0kg 332p/kg CW Kidd
47.5kg 372p/kg P Coward
48.5kg 380p/kg Wheeldon Partners
50.0kg 360p/kg Wheeldon Partners
52.0kg 348p/kg JH Morten & Sons
54.2kg 338p/kg Wheeldon Partners
57.8kg 358p/kg J Brough & Son
63.2kg 345p/kg J Brough & Son
70.0kg 335p/kg K Harrop



32.1kg – 39kg Ave 322.33/kg Top 350p
39.1kg – 45.5kg Ave 341.72p/kg Top 365p
45.6kg – 52kg Ave 339.02p/kg Top 380p
52kg + Ave 338.06p/kg Top 358p


184 Cull Sheep

An excellent entry of 184 cull sheep saw trade back slightly on the week but demand still very good for all types.  Best Texels to £182 and Suffolks to £168.


Ewes to £182   Ave £100.22

Rams to £170  Ave £153.86


Store Sheep

A very good entry of 194 ewes and lambs sold to a packed alley of potential buyers, many more needed to fill demand.


Texel doubles £340, £338, £332

Texel triplet £306

Texel singles £220, £198

Texel Hogg & Single £198

Suffolk Hogg & Single £210

Char x doubles £250

Mule doubles £245, £244, £240

Mule triplet £265

5 Mule Shearlings with 8 lambs £278/family



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Peter Oven

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services