Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 23-05-2024

A total entry of 556 sheep included 133 lambs with 49 new season lambs.  Demand good for all breeds with the best to 460p/kg and £194/head.


Leading Prices:

37.0kg 455p/kg G Ford
38.2kg 435p/kg N & J Young
40.2kg 430p/kg N & J Young
40.3kg 460p/kg G Ford
44.2kg 432p/kg G Ford
48.0kg 405p/kg Tawnagh Livestock


In the old season lambs a mixed show on offer with several now having put teeth up.

Best butchers types to 380p/kg with best big types grossing just over £200/head.  Overall average 326.67p/kg.


Leading Prices:

37.0kg 340p/kg RJG Swift
40.5kg 340p/kg CD Gabbott
41.8kg 330p/kg P & R Fletcher
43.0kg 370p/kg TW Fountain
44.3kg 330p/kg P & R Fletcher
45.1kg 328p/kg N & J & S Taylor
46.2kg 355p/kg Wheeldon Partners
47.0kg 380p/kg P Layton
47.5kg 348p/kg B Fitch
50.5kg 355p/kg Wheeldon Partners
54.0kg 340p/kg NW Goodwin
65.0kg 308p/kg NW Goodwin
70.0kg 280p/kg NW Goodwin



198 Cull Sheep

A very good entry of 198 cull ewes and rams saw very brisk bidding for meated types and excellent prices recorded.


Best Texels to £204

Char to £155

Cheviot to £136

Woodland to £138

SBF to £110

Swale to £89

Mule to £134


Ewes to £204                Ave £121.68

Rams to £165                Ave £145.88


Store Sheep

Another excellent show of 225 ewes and lambs saw buyers from Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire.


Texel doubles to £300

Texel Hoggs and singles to £260

Texel Hoggs and doubles to £264

Char ewes and singles to £275 & £265

LLeyn ewes and doubles to £325 & £295

Suffolk ewes and doubles to £274

Suffolk ewes and singles to £240

Mule ewes and doubles to £265 & £264

Mule ewes and singles to £175 & £168



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Peter Oven

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services