Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 20-05-2021

478 Sheep including 303 Lambs, 116 Cull Sheep & 59 Store Sheep


111 Spring Lambs ave £156.22/head

A good seasonal entry of 478 head of sheep included 111 new season lambs.  Demand for these very good for meated sorts and peaked at 375p/kg and £156.22/head.

The overall Spring lamb average 336.23p/kg


Leading Prices:

36.8kg 348p/kg T & R Allen, Ashbourne
37kg 351p/kg JA Wootton, Ashover
39.8kg 370p/kg T & R Allen, Ashbourne
40kg 358p/kg H & K Rickards, Matlock
40.4kg 354p/kg SM & JA Rigley, Bakewell
41kg 375p/kg H & K Rickards, Matlock
42.8kg 365p/kg JA Wootton, Ashover
44kg 340p/kg H & K Rickards, Matlock



Standards To: 351p/kg Ave: 325.09p/kg
Medium To: 375p/kg Ave: 351.82p/kg


 Finished Hoggs ave 262.99/kg

In the old season lambs quality very mixed with all types still in demand and a top of 294p/kg and £172.28/head.  The overall average 262.99p/kg


Leading Prices

35kg 280p/kg C Gregory, Bakewell
37.8kg 292p/kg C Gregory, Bakewell
38kg 270p/kg C Gregory, Bakewell
39.6kg 294p/kg H & K Rickards, Matlock
42kg 278p/kg Wheeldon Partners, Taddington
44.6kg 284p/kg FH Sargeant & Son, Etwall
45kg 275p/kg JT Cantrell, Macclesfield
46.6kg 264p/kg Wheeldon Partners, Taddington
50kg 278p/kg JA Wootton, Ashover
51.5kg 248p/kg S White, Tissington
54kg 266p/kg H Hodgkinson, Sterndale
61kg 240p/kg G & M Limer, Taddington
73kg 236p/kg G & M Limer, Taddington



Standards To: 292p/kg Ave: 267.81p/kg
Medium To: 294p/kg Ave: 261.33p/kg
Heavy To: 278p/kg Ave: 253.11p/kg
Overweight To: 266p/kg Ave: 240.32p/kg


116 Cull Sheep

Demand for the 116 Cull Sheep still very good for all grades, best Texel to £138, Lleyn to £138, Cheviot to £133, Mules to £117 and horned ewes to £90.

Welsh ewes to £84

Heavy Cheviot Rams to £142


Ewes to: £138             Ave: £88.14

Rams to: £142            Ave: £121.00

Goats to: £90


59 Store Sheep

A total of 59 Store Sheep saw brisk bidding with all types wanted.


Leading Prices:

Suffolk Hoggs & Singles £178
Suffolk Ewes & Singles £168
Texel Ewes & Twins £220
Blue Texel & Twins £185
Mule & Twins £170
Jacobs & Twins £132


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Peter Oven

Market Associate