Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 24-06-2021

480 Sheep including 386 Finished Lambs & 96 Ewes & Rams


A total entry of 482 head of sheep included 331 New Season Lambs.  Despite trade falling all week, buyers still turned out to keep the fridges full.  Best meated butchers sorts well bid for to peak at 255p/kg and top gross £114/head.  The overall average 230.14p/kg


Leading Prices:

34.4kg 236p/kg R Ellson, Stafford
37kg 240p/kg R Ellson, Stafford
37.5kg 255p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
38.6kg 236p/kg M Standerwick, Tamworth
39kg 250p/kg SM & JA Rigley, Bakewell
39.6kg 237p/kg Garner Holdings, Belper
40kg 241p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
40.8kg 245p/kg JF Webster, Hartington
41.5kg 254p/kg D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
43kg 234p/kg D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
43.8kg 240p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
45.6kg 239p/kg D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
48.8kg 219p/kg DJ Austin, Longford
52kg 218p/kg A & H Mills, Sheffield



32.1 – 39.0kg To: 255p/kg Ave: 232.74p/kg
39.1 – 45.5kg To: 254p/kg Ave: 229.49p/kg
45.6 – 52kg To: 239p/kg Ave: 222.04p/kg
52kg+   Ave: 206p/kg

Old Season Lambs

55 this week saw best to 218p/kg.

£127/head to average 187.65p/kg


Cull Sheep

Cull ewes & rams remain a very brisk trade for all types.  Best Texel ewes peaked at £149, Beltex ewes to £123.  Best Mules sold in the £100-£110 bracket.


Ewes to £149  Ave: £94.97

Rams to £128  Ave: £117.33


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