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Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 02-12-2021



2nd December 2021


1,045 Sheep including 577 Finished Lambs, 289 Culls and 176 Store Sheep


577 Lambs Average 283.99p/kg

A slightly reduced entry but with trade very brisk from start to finish and well finished lambs commanding a distinct premium.

Top prices of £149 per head and 330p/kg.  Overall average £122.50 per head.


Leading Prices:

45.2kg 330p/kg B Ford, Lymehandley
41.3kg 328p/kg TW Fountain, Marston
42.8kg 320p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
40.0kg 320p/kg A & J Gagie, Hilton
44.0kg 318p/kg WJ Sessions, Hilton
47.0kg 318p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton



32.1 – 39.0kg To: 288/kg Ave: 258.05p/kg
39.1 – 45.5kg To: 330p/kg Ave: 287.15/kg
45.6 – 52kg To: 318p/kg Ave: 275.14/kg
52kg+ To: 272p/kg Ave: 266.79/kg


289 Cull Sheep ave £98/head

Another excellent trade with Continental Ewes to £175.


130 In Lamb Ewes

Including a flock dispersal for RJ & M Lewis, Armitage which attracted significant interest with Mules to a top of £150.


46 Store Lambs

Equally as dear as last week with plenty of people looking and selling to a top of £93 per head.


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Peter Oven

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale