Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale 15-12-2022



15th December 2022


946 Sheep including 657 Finished Lambs, 164 Cull Sheep & 125 Store Sheep


Despite a bitterly cold morning a total of 946 sheep turned up.  Buyers were out in force with demand good for all types.  Best meated butchers lambs sold to 308p/kg with heavyweight butchers lambs to 294p/kg and overweight meated lambs to 268p/kg.  Top gross of £142/head and overall average 242.75p/kg.


Leading Prices:

35kg 258p/kg E & A Cork, Hazlewood
37.7kg 272p/kg JB Drabble, Tideswell
38.5kg 290p/kg T Fountain, Marston
39.3kg 264p/kg T Fountain, Marston
40kg 268p/kg MP Elliott & Son, Eyam
41.3kg 284p/kg Thorpe Farms, Baslow
43kg 269p/kg D Fotherby & Sons, Wormhill
44.8kg 276p/kg D Fotherby & Sons, Wormhill
45.5kg 308p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
45.5kg 297p/kg B Ford, Lymehandley
46.4kg 294p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
47.2kg 270p/kg B Ford, Lymehandley
48.7kg 260p/kg B Ford, Lymehandley
50.3kg 259p/kg D Fotherby & Son, Wormhill
53kg 268p/kg M Foster, Whaley Bridge



32.1-39.0kg To: 290p/kg Ave: 241.41p/kg
39.1- 45.5kg To: 308p/kg Ave: 243.09p/kg
45.6 -52kg To: 294p/kg Ave: 248.14p/kg
52kg+ To: 268p/kg Ave: 226.76/kg


164 Cull Sheep

A total of 164 cull ewes and rams included a larger proportion of plain ewes.  Best heavy Texels to £180, Mules to £90 and horned ewes to £74.  Best continental rams to £140.


Ewes to £180                Ave £64.66

Rams to £140                Ave £94.46


125 Store Sheep

A total of 125 store lambs all of which were medium to long term types with best Texel cross to £75.



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Peter Oven

Market Associate