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Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale Report 11-08-2022



11th August 2022

440 Sheep including 325 Finished Lambs, 105 Cull Sheep & 10 Store Sheep


The small show of 440 sheep on offer in the regular Thursday market included 325 finished lambs.  Several of the store lamb buyers came across and bid on the smaller and plainer sorts.  Best butchers lambs sold to 290p/kg for one lamb from Elsie Ford with her dads lambs to 283p/kg.  Overall average 239.33p/kg.


Leading Prices:

38.8kg 245p/kg JF Kirkham, Hartington
39kg 244p/kg E Mather, Brassington
40.6kg 283p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
41kg 290p/kg E Ford, Tunstead Milton
43.7kg 249p/kg W Watson & Son, Hope
44.1kg 262p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
47kg 247p/kg JH Byard, Chesterfield
52kg 245p/kg A Birchenough, Doveholes
55kg 234p/kg CA Heathcote, Kniveton



32.1-39.0kg To: 245p/kg Ave: 231.77p/kg
39.1-45.5kg To: 290p/kg Ave: 240.9p/kg
45.6-52kg To: 247p/kg Ave: 234.45p/kg
52kg+ To: 234p/kg Ave: 222.02p/kg


Cull Sheep

A total of 105 cull ewes and rams saw a lot of plainer sorts, but with grazing buyers operating there was demand for all types.  Best pedigree Texels peaked at £190, ewes averaged £77.70

Rams to £148 ave £128.50.

Just 3 Mule ewes with 7 Texel and Suffolk lambs sold at £255/family.



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Peter Oven

Market Associate