Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale Report 19-08-2021






19th August 2021


1,346 Sheep including 313 Ewes & Rams & 30 Store Lambs

A very good show of 1346 head of sheep included 1003 lambs.  Demand very good throughout with best butchers lambs to 265p and heavy weight butchers lambs to 266p to gross £127.68.  Elsie Ford had her second draw in today ‘Oreo & Crunchie’

Oreo made 240p/kg to gross £122.40.  The overall market average 235.62p/kg.


Leading Prices:

37.2kg 253p/kg PW Mellor & Son, Monyash
37.4kg 257p/kg PW Mellor & Son, Monyash
38kg 244p/kg LR & MJ Lowe, Hulme End
40.2kg 262p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
40.4kg 260p/kg PW Mellor & Son, Monyash
42.6kg 260p/kg AC Langridge, Fole
43.8kg 260p/kg N Birch, Monyash
44.2kg 265p/kg PW Mellor & Son, Monyash
45.1kg 261p/kg AC Langridge, Fole
46.6kg 248p/kg G Ford, Tunstead Milton
48kg 266p/kg E Ford, Tunstead Milton
51kg 240p/kg E Ford, Tunstead Milton
54kg 232p/kg BJ & BW Brunt, Wincle
57.2kg 229p/kg Ashford Hall Farms



Light To: 240p/kg Ave: 236.28p/kg
Standard To: 257p/kg Ave: 233.19p/kg
Medium To: 265p/kg Ave: 236.07p/kg
Heavy To: 266p/kg Ave: 227.21p/kg
Overweight To: 232p/kg Ave: 224.65p/kg


Cull Sheep

In the Cull Sheep a very good show of 313 saw several grazing buyers operating again this week.  Best Texel ewes to £140, Mules to £121 and horned ewes to £65, Gritstone ewes to £107.


Ewes to £140  Ave: £76.17    

Rams to £151  Ave: £89.33


Just 30 Store Lambs attracted very brisk bidding with Char x to £88 and Suffolk x to £85.


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Peter Oven

Market Associate