Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheepsale for Thursday 17th October 2019 17-10-2019

889 Sheep including 657 Lambs, 16 Store Sheep & 216 Culls

657 Lambs ave 165.91p/kg

Trade very similar to last week with quality again at a distinct premium. The best over 200p to a top of 219p/kg and £94 per head. All weights in similar demand but again with the under finished lambs changing hands at lesser amounts.


32.1 – 39.0kg To: 211p/kg Average: 158.68p/kg
39.1 – 45.5kg To: 219p/kg Average: 168.27p/kg
45.6 – 52kg To: 190p/kg Average: 160.16p/kg

Leading prices:

37.7kg 211p/kg G Ford, Whaley Bridge
42.7kg 219p/kg B Ford, Lyme Handley
42.7kg 201p/kg DA & AM Campeau, Crowdicote
44.5kg 200p/kg B Ford, Lyme Handley
41.0kg 196p/kg DJ Cooper, Macclesfield
49.8kg 190p/kg SA Flower, Pikehall

216 Cull Sheep ave £46.74 per head

The large majority of the ewes comprising plainer hill ewes with a number being purchased for further grazing.

Best Continentals to £100, and a solid trade for all.


Ivor Lowe


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