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Bakewell Market Theaves & Ewes Show & Sale 02-09-2022

Theaves & Ewes Show & Sale

 Theaves and Ewe Sale

Friday 2nd September 2022

  With over 5,000 breeding sheep catalogued it was a busy day at Bakewell.

Prior to the sale the show for shearling ewes was kindly judged by Max Standerwick of Tamworth


Mules      1St    SF & AJ Deeming

2nd   S Walker

Texel  X   1st       RF & JP Critchlow

2nd     D & S Ede Ltd


Trade for the top-notch sheep was good with plenty of bidders for the best.  It was, however, a different story for the second and third quality sorts many of whom had clearly suffered from the drought conditions.

All, however, found their level and the sale was conducted at a brisk pace with selling done for 4pm.

There was no lack of buyers with 95 individual purchasers buying sheep, but with a shortage of grass and increased feed costs, it is hardly surprising that they adopted a cautious approach.

With rain forecast for the coming days it may be a different story for our next sale on 30th September.


Highlights as follows:

Mules to £200, average £144.74               

£200.00 SF & AJ Deeming, Broadwell
£195.00 SA Flower, Pike Hall
£195.00 SA Flower, Pike Hall
£190.00 SA Flower, Pike Hall
£185.00 S Walker, Syerston
£185.00 SF & AJ Deeming, Broadwell
£175.00 G & M Limer, Taddington
£175.00 MJ Harris, Clay Hill Lane


Texel X to £240, average £156.49

£240.00 RF & JP Critchlow, Hartington
£230.00 D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
£205.00 D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
£200.00 D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
£200.00 G & M Limer, Taddington


Cheviots to £210, average £127.88

£210.00 Furness Partnership, Wheston
£172.00 JB Shirt, Edale
£155.00 G & M Limer, Taddington
£148.00 Lea & Son, Barnsley


Beltex to £135, average £130.33

£135.00 PJ Yates, Kedleston


Suffolk X to £180, average £168.88

£180.00 Thoresby Livestock
£170.00 Thoresby Livestock
£145.00 Lea & Son, Barnsley
£140.00 Hearthstone Farm Ltd, Riber


Char to £140, average £131.87

£140.00          KL Haywood, Huthwaite

£132.00          KL Haywood, Huthwaite

£125.00          Hearthstone Farm Ltd, Riber



Alastair Sneddon

Senior partner

Livestock, auctioneering and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services