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Bakewell Ram Fair 30-09-2023

Bakewell Market Ram Fair

Show & Sale

Saturday 30th September 2023




The 2023 Ram sale provided a great trade for all categories for a catalogued entry of 564 rams of a variety of breeds.


Trade was strong for all breeds with a distinct premium being achieved for the top end and a top price of £3300 for a Texel Shearling Ram from Furness & Taylor, Wormhill.


Sale Results


Texel x Ram Lambs to £700 ave £316.40


£700 BW Vernon, Staffs
£620 CW Marwood, Whenby
£550 BW Vernon, Staffs
£500 R Cartledge, Doveholes
£480 R Cartledge, Doveholes
£450 HD Fletcher, Peak Forest
£420 R Cartledge, Doveholes
£420 Boden & Davies Ltd, Mellor


 Suffolk x Ram Lambs to £900 ave £436.56


£900 Boden & Davies Ltd, Mellor
£750 RSJ Darlington, Hartington
£680 SJ Buckley & Partners, Doveholes
£550 Boden & Davies Ltd, Mellor
£480 RSJ Darlington, Hartington
£480 SJ Buckley & Partners, Doveholes
£450 RSJ Darlington, Hartington


Char Ram Lambs to £550 ave £440.91


£550 G Biddulph, Gawsworth
£520 CW Marwood, Whenby
£480 G Biddulph, Gawsworth
£450 SWP & JA Talbot, Uttoxeter
£400 G Biddulph, Gawsworth
£400 CW Marwood & Son, Whenby




Texel to £3,300 ave £556.98


£3300 Furness & Taylor, Wormhill
£1600 S Furness, Buxton
£1500 P Furness, Monyash
£1280 Furness & Taylor, Wormhill
£1250 P Furness, Monyash
£1050 N Shirt, Tideswell


Beltex to £700 ave £424.84   


£700 P Weaver, Newark
£620 AK Belfield, Sheen
£600 AK Belfield, Sheen
£520 P Weaver, Newark


Suffolk to £1400 ave £580.34  


£1400 A Furness, Wormhill
£1000 A Furness, Wormhill
£820 J Simpson, Bradwell
£750 JM Robinson & Son Ltd, Great Limber
£680 J Simpson, Bradwell
£620 JA Key, Midhopestones
£620 S Read, Sheffield


Char to £1250 ave £569.09


£1250 S Furness, Wheston
£1100 S Furness, Wheston
£980 S Furness, Wheston
£650 O Spencer, Alkmonton
£520 PA & J Swindell, Chelmorton
£500 O Spencer, Alkmonton


The Sale was preceded by the show kindly judged by David & Janet Renwick, who awarded champion to the top priced Texel shearling from Furness & Taylor with a list of results as follows:




Suffolk Shearling

1st Miss A Furness
2nd Miss A Furness


Suffolk Lamb

1st Boden & Davies
2nd R Darlington
3rd Hallam & Eggleston


Texel Shearling

1st Furness & Taylor
2nd Furness & Taylor
3rd P Furness


Texel Lamb

1st B Vernon
2nd B Vernon
3rd HD Fletcher


Char Shearling

1st SW Furness
2nd SW Furness
3rd O Spencer


Char Lamb

1st G Biddulph
2nd G Biddulph
3rd C Marwood


Best Suffolk – Ram Lamb – Boden & Davies

Best Texel – Shearling – Furness & Taylor

Champion – Furness & Taylor



Peter Oven

Market Associate

Ivor Lowe


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