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Dispersal Sale of Rangemore Herd 08-09-2022

Meg Elliott

A massive crowd gathered for the Herd Dispersal of the Rangemore Herd on behalf of Nigel and Fiona Roobottom, peaking at £2750 and 36 passing the £2000 mark to average just short of £1700.
Topping the day was a fresh third calver by Mozarella at £2750 and hot in pursuit was a Stellando second calver at £2720. Both heading to J Bayley of Nuneaton.
Three others reached £2680 with numerous others in excess of £2000 including a number of dry cows due in the Autumn.
In-calf heifers topped at £1900 with yearlings to £620 and month old heifer calves to £340.


Meg Elliott

Auctioneer and Valuer, Market Associate

Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer

Oliver Hiles

Market Associate