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Machinery Dispersal – Hungary Farm 22-09-2023

“Mixed Organic Sale at Sutton Bonington sees large crowd and wide support”

Friday 22nd September 2023 – Hungary Farm, Sutton Bonington

The sale on behalf of Mr Jo Bradley who was retiring from the holding at Sutton Bonington after 33 years saw wide interest with support from Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and North Wales, as well as all surrounding counties.
In the Small Lots:

Telegraph Poles To £130 per six

Mesh Hangover Hay Racks To £44 per lot

Plastic Poultry Crates To £65 per lot

Small Galvanised Water Troughs To £50 each

IAE Painted Cattle Crush £600

Short Wrought Iron Fence Section £48
Within the Tractor sundries and Non – VAT items

Chest Freezers £200

Wooden Railway Station Trolley £115

Corner Troughs £220 each

Top Links To £23 each

Nine Hole Drill Bar £30

Mounted Bird Scarer On Pole £25

Bunded Seal Fuel Station £520

Petrol Post Hole Borer £110

Pillar Drill £110

Air Compressor £180

Retractable Air Hose Line £100

Steel Dexion And Shelving £170 per set
In the Main Field Items the holding had been farmed for many years on an organic basis, with prices as follows:

McConnel 5 Leg Shakerator £2200

Four Meter Mounted Vari Discs £1600

Lemkin Skaromag Combi 3 metre Cultivator £2650

Combe Cut 6 Metre Mounted Weeder Unit £7900
The tractors sold extremely well, with purchasers from a wide area:

Massey Fergurson 135 (F Reg) £3900

Massey Fergurson 698T – 4 Wheel Drive (B Reg) £5900

Case Maxuum MX110 4 Wheel Drive (T Reg) £13,900
In the Included Items:

Massey Fergurson 6465 c/w MF Loader £14,100
Dyna 6 Transmission (on 06 Plate)

Ford 5610 4 Wheel Drive c/w Chief Loader (E Reg) £9050
Further sales booked into late September and October, please visit the website to check the catalogues.


Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer